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Thread: Making your own mats

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    Dec 2015
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanne View Post
    I really don't know about making gold mats, but I do have a couple of quick thoughts on the topic.

    I believe it all comes down to what you are interested in. If you are focused on getting gold out of the ground, then buy a good mat and get shoveling. Nothing wrong with wanting to "make your own". On something as crucial as gold recovery, you will need to spend quite a bit of time making sure that your home crafted mat is actually effective at catching gold.

    I've spent so much money in my lifetime trying to save money....

    Joanne. of all the wise things i've ever read thinak your point about spending so much over a life time trying to save money gflat out tops the list.

    I am not exactly buryed in cash I built my own sluice out of scrap alumian and cut mats out of conveyer matting that was worn out and discarded. in 17 I had a set up that measured 35 feet long with 42 square foot catch area. the top was a crash box ( distruction chamber as coined by doc at Gold Hog ( oh I admire that fellow and am amazed at his inventions) ) that held a full5 gal buckit of material. I swerled the water around to self feed and the gold caught in matting under the distruction chamber mostly paid for my trip home. I have matting under the grizzley and home made conveyer belt matting some with slots cut with a radial arm saw and some with slices of mat glued on top ( even tried to do both grin) at the bottom had a 5 foot long by 18 inch wide flair section. had two lengths of Sluices with gold hog matting in them. I love the stuff but at 35$ adverage plus shipping per 1.5 square feet that would be 350 + $ in matting alone. know a guy who would leave a several hundered doller sluice on his claim but the matting was just too easy to carry off.

    so far I tried acrilic calk and corn starch didn't set very well cracked and got tossed. last night tried silicone calk and for about 4$ got a 10 inch wide by 4 inch long piece of matting. and it set up ok but I was short on corn starch and expect it to hard to bemold. today tried a 9 doller 12 ounce can of rust olium leak seal rubber. likely take 2 to 4 days s to set. will post resultsa as they come in. the area covered in my mold with the rust olium wasa about 10 wide by 18 long but was not full thickness so plan to back it with more silicone/cornstarch putty in a few days

    intrestingly the 9 oz caalk tube held about 14 cubic inches of silicone. when they say equell amounts of silicone and corn starch mixed together I wonder if it is wt or volume. listening to docs vidio on the new wave mat he said the 6 by 36 big mat was like 5.5 pounds. lot of material

    in looking over choices beside silicone. elastomaric roof coating runs about $25 30 a gallon and covers 100 sf to a thickness of 5 sheets of type paper. epdm liquid rubber runs about 4 times more expensve at at least 29$ per gallon
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    Dec 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    it does give one a place to play with legos!

    A local second hand lego store sells at about 13$ a pound so a standard 2 by 4 post block costs nickle. and making my own mats gave me an excuse to buy some and play around. they also sell damaged aand strange pieces in bags for as low as 2$ each. its fun and maybe like coloring books for adults maybe good theropy. the blricks have got a lot more diverse since I was a kid and have 1/3 normal height bricks . its intresting thinkling what will catch the gold and my theory is sorta to try everything and have lots of choice. building on 10 inch square bases ( 6$) they have 1028 posts sticking up and have settled on one full height and one /third height blocks with the side walls maybe a forth inch deeper. making the mats in batch sections will glue to cheep carpet runner matting (36 wide by foot long I think was 5$ or could used conveyer matting ( heavyer)) well waiting for spring
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    Dec 2013
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    I was using a technique that involved making a slurry of powdered glass and water that I would fill the molds with, I would freeze them and then very carefully transfer it to a kiln and fire it up.

    Where are you that you have used lego stores?
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    Dec 2015
    36 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Store is called blocks and things in sunset ut. Funny thing is that the building used to be a sporting goods Army Navy Surplus Store it was called Sunset Sporting Goods which when I was a kid was actually in the next town north of called Roy that seems really interesting that the frozen slurry could thaw and fuse with out running away a techniquee I studied involved making a wax mold coating it in plaster of Paris letting it dry in baking out the wax then putting powdered glass in and heating it so that it didn't totally liquify but would just fuse and so the colors would still remain distinct
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    Dec 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Never got too involved in the glass idea but read a book Dick Francis novel called shattered about a glass artist and how they had to aneal the sculptures to keep them from shattering afterwards

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    Dec 2014
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Nothing wrong in trying to make your own mats. Made a prototype with my 3d printer and hope to try it soon
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