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Thread: West coast storms ------- Forecasting up to 10 ft in SIERRAS = WATCHOUT !

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    Mar 2016
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    I haven't seen a winter like this since the 80s. Every week we are getting clobbered. The roads just got fixed from the big storms a couple years ago and they are already getting big pot holes again. I took a drive to S.F. and the snow pack is all the way to Pollock Pines. On Echo summit the berms on the side are above my pick up by a foot. This is a really strong year. I can't wait, I've been practicing and getting my gear ready for the season. Like the old days, it may be after June sometime before the snow melts. There's gotta be something moving in them rivers this year!
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    Why this year is different in the Sierras

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4634.JPG 
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ID:	1688791 This is a NASA comparison picture of last Feb 2018 to this Feb 2019, as you can tell we have a lot of snow Which Confirms what a lot of people on here are saying something like 'Wow There is a Lot of Snow"!

    The North Fork is running way high (8000 to 4000 CFS or about 5x normal for this time of year) but still Zero massive flows like 2017 in January & March (50,000 & 40,000 CFS). Depending on the river canyon you are looking at the snow along Highway 80 is down to about 1700' as of this morning (3/9/2019). Snow is still expected this week up there. How much more will we receive?? And the final Question " How hot will Spring be &When will it all be melted off?". No speculations from me other than it will snow when the conditions are right, it will be gone when its gone and we will see what the temps and CFS flows are like when we see them.

    Or, yes all of us have to wait! Darn anyhow, I do not like waiting!................63bkpkr

    I'm attempting to "Man UP" or I am exercising as I know I will need the muscle strength, just something to think about.
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    Just a quick glance at Dreamflows Report shows that while some are flowing nicely they are still within normal winter flows. Like you said they need to be multiple of normal winter flows to get excited
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    Mar 2016
    Tahoe, CA
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    Something else that may be happening. Even though there isn't tthe massive run off, there's been one strong storm after the next. Only a couple days between. The constant flow could be eroding the mountain sides. Just a theory, but it's been relentless for weeks. Finally we have sun! But, it's still very cold. Snow all the way down into the Carson Valley. If we get a big warm rain in the spring it may release quite a bit of water. There's enough snow pack we have potential for a good run off this year. It's been a long time since we've had a pack like this. We've been in a drought for about 12yrs. There's a couple more months to go before the rains are over. (Grinning and Rubbing hands...)
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    We had a lot of constant rain here in central CA, but not the high volume flood action that can really alter the creeks and get the cavitation going .
    2 years ago was much better, as some of the creeks were drastically changed. Although that flash flood down on Woods creek did look pretty epic last week

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    Apr 2014
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    The ground around here is just totally saturated. Theres more water flowing from the tiny mini springs everywhere that I've seldom seen and it's telling me that one good storm could send allot of material (...yes, even oak trees ) into the waterways. This creek is known to have it's gold on the older, higher banks.

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    Apr 2014
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    Well, it seems that we made it thru another season. Actually had my shirt off the other day. Still got some huge oak rounds to split up. Of course my big Husky up and quit....waiting for E-bay parts cause I'm a bargain hunter. And then soon after my buddies wood splitter took a crap. Cutting some "hazard" (had BLM check and mark them like any good claim owner should do) trees to repair sweety's raised bed that got trashed. Kinda figure that's top on the list....HA! The banks are not spurting water like a couple of weeks ago. Cut some new miners moss today for the 5inch and have to trim down a heavy slab of raised riffles for the third stage. I've illiminated all but the top, middle and bottom riffles and will still use that to hold down the expanded metal. Got all the parts finally together for my new wetsuit heater. The creek is perfect for giving it a test run. And all this just for a little gold....go figure!!!!
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