Winter fun
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Thread: Winter fun

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    Mar 2016
    3162 times
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    Winter fun

    Took a drive up my mining claim to see if anybody was up there taking advantage of the running water. There were what looked like a single set of tire tracks going up the dead end road.

    Followed them up to a convient turn around spot, but the tracks kept heading up the road. There was about 8" of old snow here and I told myself I should turn around while the getting was good.

    But no, I continue up the road knowing that I had another half mile before I'd be able to turn around. The snow got deeper.
    Finally I have it in 4x4 low range and having to give it some juice. Tires start spinning and I can see where the truck in front of me slid off the road into a rut. I have no choice (or so I thought) and my rear axle slides over into the same mud hole. No forward or backwards progress.

    I decide to get out and assess the situation. Problem is I can't open my doors because of the deep snow!

    I knew I should have turned around! I start climbing out the drivers side window, which used to seem much easier. Ok I have a shovel and handi-man jack. I dig out the tracks and jack up the back up my truck using the hitch receiver. I think to myself..I should take that tailgate off first..

    But no, I decide it will be fine. Didn't want to crawl under the truck and strap my axle to the frame so I really had to jack it up to get the tires out of the rut. About this time the base of the jack started sliding down the hill. Of course I start letting the jack back down which lowered my tailgate handle onto the top of the jack. Plastic doesn't play nice in the cold.

    Finally wise up and air my tires down to 20 PSI and work my way out. 20 minutes later I'm turned around (right where the other guy got stuck a second time) and start sliding my way back down the road.

    In front of me I see tracks where the guy almost slid off a steep embankment. I crawl past his tracks.. puckering up as I start to slide in the same direction. Ease on the gas a little and I'm past the bad stuff.

    Decided I had enough and got the heck outa there.
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    Charter Member
    Nov 2012
    XP Deus, Tesoro Cibola, Full sized shovel and a backhoe
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    Gives me chills thinking about it. We're almost done with winter here. It will be very cold Thursday am, but that will be about it.

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    Mar 2014
    Fisher GB2, Bazooka Prospector 36", EZ sluice, Blue Bowl..
    2258 times
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    Just had the same happen, headed up to the claim, stopped by the snow at the last good turn around.. Only difference is I turned around, it took a good debate with myself but I think I made the right choice and after reading this I'm glad I did.

    Here's where I gave up, the road goes down hill and gets quite steep and the tracks where the snow were compacted were now tracks of ice..
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    Mar 2016
    3162 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Not the first time I've had forward progress stopped all by myself miles from civilization.
    Cell service was very spotty, but I could have asked someone bail me out. Didn't want to go there.

    Hopefully you got nothing to worry about till things are warm and sunny.
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    Oct 2014
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    Glad you made it out!

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    if it flies, it dies

    Jan 2015
    gpx 4500 sdc 2300
    1197 times
    ducks, bucks and gold
    ive been stuck a few times in a mini truck. always got out. cant say i could do the same in a half ton or bigger.
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    May 2011
    tujunga ca
    xlt mxt gmz whites
    1259 times
    i starting to get out of the truck more and walk ahead to see if i can make it or get back out.

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    Dec 2012
    Concrete, WA
    Nokta FoRs Gold, a Gold Cube, 2 Keene Sluices and Lord only knows how many pans....not to mention a load of other gear my wife still doesn't know about!
    6164 times
    Yep, done that enough times I finally learned to wait for the
    snow to go. My '87 Toyota 4x4 goes just about anywhere, but
    it's not a big fan of deep snow. Just ain't worth the trip.

    Could be worse....

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    Apr 2014
    SW Oregon
    569 times
    I use to travel to Reno via highway 80 often in the snow (a reasonable 30-35 mph) and always got a kick out of those fully loaded little cars, often a group of asian's with mom, dad, grandma, the kids, etc. going seventy five miles an hour to hit the casinos.... most places on that highway if you go off the road you won't be found until mid-spring. Snow is ain't.

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    Mar 2003
    6687 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Can't even get within miles of my claims as not only is the 1 road into them is out but the bridge is GONE also....... John
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    Oct 2018
    Central Valley California
    175 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Even if you can access your claims in winter, is it really worth it? Two weeks ago I went up to Briceburg again to try and get some gold and even with long gloves and jackets it was just too damn cold. Feels like I ended up using most of my energy just trying to keep warm.

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    Jun 2017
    177 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    When playing off road a bit of $ spent on a good winch is a wise investment. A good Side X Side is worth its weight in gold if you have much off roading to do.

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    Jan 2016
    South of Gunnison, Gold Basin
    2051 times
    We are gonna snowshoes to a creek about a mile from my claim tomorrow to see if I can do some testing. Theres still some snow but should be able to poke in here and there.
    I dont think I could get much done at the claim right now but doing some panning and hiking is not too bad. Spring is coming here fast and theres been some beautiful daytime temps....just need to get out more than anything!
    A little bit of prospecting is about all I can do this time of year.

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    Aug 2015
    etrac, Goldmonster
    821 times
    Metal Detecting
    My second and LAST attempt at winter sluicing....(ain't worth it). Now I detect instead so snow kinda dictates when and where a guy can go out scratching.....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mar 2016
    3162 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Well at some point in everyone's life, if you sit around and wait for good weather..ur going to degrade quickly.
    Especially if you have a desk job.

    Gotta get out there. Shoveling snow to get unstuck or shoveling dirt into a sluice.
    Gotta get the blood moving.
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    All treasures found with permission on private property or on active mining claims.



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