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Thread: Washington miners, its time to speak up!

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    Apr 2013
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    they sent out a message that it postponed so it wouldn't interfere with the 2019 season looks like BS

    Hydraulic Code Rule Making 220-660 WAC
    2019 HPA Suction Dredge Rule Making

    Adoption Rescheduled for May 31, 2019
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    Another round of anti-dredging Bills coming up. AMRA posted this on Fbook (would reccomend following them).

    Use the comment link on TU's page but make sure to change the message to "Vote NO"

    Also comment directly on the bills on the WA state legislature website HB1261 SB5322
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    If I believed there was any hope of throwing the whole "non-dredging in rivers" out in Washington, I would say don't let your government "of the people by the people" screw you out of recreational gold activities like the have done in Oregon!

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    I've been to several important public hearings...the agencies didn't even take notes. They just sat there and took a deserved beating from the majority of the respondents.

    Believe you me, plenty of out of area people sent in written comments (in support of the proposed regulations). It was those that were included into the NEPA and "addressed".

    Don't waste your breath giving testimony if your not submitting the same in snail mail.
    The goal has already been set.

    It's just a process designed for two things...
    1.) Make the public FEEL like they are being heard.
    2.) Serves as a way for them to fill out a required check box and insert a date.

    Makes me sick to see the process occurring this way over and over.
    My comments will from now on be limited to "you people disgust me..your a disgrace..here are my written comments, I expect a written response."

    Mail in written comments!!! They WILL NOT be persuaded to change their minds or alter course.
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    Feb 2015
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    I wasn’t aware of this. New gold and fish June 2020

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