Delta Gold Diggers Outing May 2019
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Thread: Delta Gold Diggers Outing May 2019

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    Delta Gold Diggers Outing May 2019

    A three day outing on a club claim with tri-tip and gold. I does not get much better.

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    I have two girls now one in collage one getting ready I havent been on vacation in over 10 years. That sounds like a great time. Have alot of fun and keep us posted on how it goes my friend. Tommy

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    I really appreciate you coming out and recording our outings. Everyone that got in the creek walked away with some gold. The food was outstanding, both the Tri-tip lunch Saturday and the pot luck that evening. I couldn't facilitate this outing without the participation of our members. Every penny received on the outings during the year is returned to the club members in monthly drawings for gold and the lunch as we had this weekend. Last year it was hamburgers and I promised the club we would do better this year. I have a year to try and come up with something better. We will see.


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    Sep 2013
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    If anyone wishes to join us for an outing, we post our outings on Meetup. Sign in and search for "Gold Diggers" or Delta Gold Diggers. All of our outings and meetings are posted there.

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    This was very interesting. I often wondered what the road quality was like in people getting to some of their claims. I assumed the Forest Service was in charge of maintaining the roads, but wondered how often they graded them, or even traversed down them. I suspected with budgets getting tighter and tighter, road quality was terrible.

    Where I live, back roads are maintained by individual towns, and so they might get graded twice a year on the busiest roads, and mere ATV or snowmobile trails, on the more obscure ones.

    Myself, I live in Maine so there are no “claims”, a landowner has mineral rights automatically to the center of the earth on the land they own, but except for one location (a gravel pit), all my streams have no access at all. For me it means at least a ¼ mile hike to the closest stream, and a 1-1/2 mile hike to the farthest one away. One stream is big enough that I might take the bulldozer and push a road to it, but at ¾ of a mile, that is a pretty big expense at this point.

    I figure with my luck, by the time I make heavy haul roads to all the major points of my farm that I need them, we will all be driving hovercrafts by then! (LOL)

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    What's better than Tri-tip?...BBQ beef ribs of course!
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