Best way to separate Magnetite from target
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Thread: Best way to separate Magnetite from target

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    Doc Rogers

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    Best way to separate Magnetite from target

    I need a tried and true way to procede with my black sands. I know the wheel is inadequate for this purpose, and can scarcely afford a table. So what other macro technique works well?

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    Jan 2012
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    How much material do you have to finish?

    What size is the gold you're working with?

    We need a little more info to be able to help you.
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    From Target?

    They take cash and charge. Didn't know they sold B.S. But, heck these days eveyone is

    If you mean how do you get fine gold out of black sands ( more than just magnatite)

    First make sure there is actually gold. If there is enough of it to even bother you will see it in your pan easily.

    You can pan slowly a little at a time. But if you have a bunch to run or really fine gold it is tedious.

    Use a wheel. Just learn it and do multiple passes until you get the hang of it.

    Use a Blue bowl. Thats what I use when I need to.

    With all finish processing. Make sure to classify into several batches of different size sands.

    20-30 mesh pan oversize run the rest including the over/unders of,

    50 mesh

    70 (optional but I do it)

    100 mesh
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    May 2014
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    Your question is coming out of left field. Tell us how you obtained the black sand. Is it from placer concentrates or did you just scoop it up or collect it by some other means?
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