2020 Trip planned to the US...advice needed...
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Thread: 2020 Trip planned to the US...advice needed...

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    Sep 2019
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    2020 Trip planned to the US...advice needed...

    Hello all, Andrew from South Africa here. Firstly I must share my condolences to all on this day, 9/11.

    I have decided to make the US my vacation destination next year, 2020. Too many questions which I can obviously find on Google but would prefer to reach out on a platform such as TreasureNet and try and get some 1st hand information from you all here.

    I have detected for many years now with my trusty(old) Fisher 1236-X2, had loads of finds and fun over the years. Clearly everyone here is fascinated with finding gold and I'm no different. I have built sluices, 'worked' some areas around my home town(no success), sniped using what we call a prawn pump here to reach bedrock etc etc. I've spent years going through YouTube videos and consider myself a bit of an armchair expert...

    Currently I'm involved in the gemstone mining industry and there are two old and abandoned shafts both still with original headgear on site. The gold 'dried up' and things shut down. I recently started to collect some gravel below the one shaft and will pan this out shortly.

    I've told friends for years now that all I want to do is go out, mine, pan and find my own speck, not even a nugget but just a speck of gold and I will be happy! There are many places in South Africa where I could get this right but as I'm a keen paragliding pilot I was thinking that as Colarado has some really good cross country flying that maybe I can combine the two, paragliding and some prospecting and have a great vacation. I'll avoid the day parks that offer panning for everyone...screaming kids etc etc...

    As I mentioned before I'm really hoping that some of you could offer some guidance. I'm open to maybe a week or so of camping/prospecting, maybe 7-10 days. I don't want to limit myself to Colarado as the US has so much to offer and I'd be on a relatively short time frame.
    Is there anyone out there that could advise on a really great area where one can perhaps camp and prospect? Possibly even cheaper accommodation nearby maybe.

    I'm hoping that I will pick up some valuable info from this thread and really looking forward to hearing from you all

    Best regards,

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    welcome to tnet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    Ed Tracy

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    First advise, pick one location because of your limited time here. Colorado is a great place and I am sure the members that live in that state would be happy to help you.
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    Sep 2011
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    If coming to Denve,r I suggest heading straight out I-70 to Ward Road exit. Get off and go south to 44th Ave.(one block) Then, turn right(west) to Youngfield St.(again, just one block) Then, turn left (south) and just as you go over Clear Creek,(about three blocks) there is a park on the left side. Park and go under the highway to the west and that area is open to panning/slicing and I guarantee that you will find gold. It will be little specs but you can find plenty of them.
    No prospecting allowed on the east side of the highway so you must walk under the highway from the park to the west and have at it.

    Then, get out the tourist hat, continue west and enjoy the rest of your holiday and not worry about chasing gold!
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    Author of a book about finding gold in Colorado

    Jan 2012
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    First move: join the Facebook group “Finding Gold in Colorado”. Lots of friendly local folks who will go out digging with you or provide truly local knowledge.
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    Well, if you're a pilot, the EAA has their annual fly-in at the end of July at Oshkosh, WI. From there, you could go north and hit the Lake Superior coast.

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    Sep 2019
    Plettenberg Bay
    Fisher 1236-X2
    4 times
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    Paragliding. There's powered paragliding(big noisy fan on your back) and I think they do have a showing during Oshkosh. Several disciplines, coastal soaring smooth sea breezes, thermal flying, mountain and winch launching. Very different. I prefer cross country flying, we either winch launch on the barren flats of the deserted Northern Cape to push for distance records(height too...reaching 5400m asl, average 4400m agl), get thumped and hammered, dragged by winds and attacked by huge birds, but the rewards are awesome! So yes, it's a toss up whether to combine the two for a trip to the US, really have to plan this one well


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    Jan 2015
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinInColorado View Post
    First move: join the Facebook group “Finding Gold in Colorado”. Lots of friendly local folks who will go out digging with you or provide truly local knowledge.
    Andrew, I have to agree with Kevin’s suggestion. His Facebook group is excellent, and Kevin is a great guy. I’ve prospected with him in New England and met up with him in Denver and I always enjoy our time together.
    As for locations to consider, you can’t go wrong with Colorado. It has everything: gold, beautiful scenery, a major metropolitan area in Denver, and good people. It would be a great introduction to the US.
    Alternatives I can suggest:
    - the Washington DC area offers a lot of US history, the National attractions of DC itself, and there are plenty of gold prospecting opportunities within a few hours of DC. I have posted many times about Contrary Creek, VA and if you visited there I can assure you that you’d find some gold. I could possible meet up with you in 2020 and you could help me run my dredge.
    - New England, specifically the state of New Hampshire (look at Bath, NH), is another great location. You have Boston that’s not too far away, also beautiful scenery, and good gold prospecting on the Wild Ammonoosuc River. I could also meet you up there and we could dredge.

    A few other thoughts:
    - I grew up on our US Great Lakes so I kind of know areas like Lake Superior, Oshkosh etc. While nice, I don’t think they’d be ideal for your first visit.
    - California is a special place. It deserves a visit and the gold is great, but maybe not on your first trip to the US.

    Good luck in your planning!

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    Oct 2016
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    If you end up in California let me know. Would be happy to meet up on the weekend for some digging (I live in SF but make it out to the mountains most weekends). Have access to a claim that I’m finding good gold on.

    If you go to Colorado I agree that you should join Kevin’s FB group and pick up his book, it’s by far the best resource for the state. Arapahoe Bar describes above is good consistent flood gold, Cache Creek is another public access area that is a bit spottier but has higher overall yields.



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