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Thread: I use this placer mining to get under HUGE Boulders!

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    Apr 2020
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    So.... its been a while since I have been to this mining board. I saw the video about Ecoboost, and I saw the video about the Sierra Blaster. The Sierra Blaster was actually conceived on my mining claim. I had another rock breaking product that used a "explosive" charge and I was very unhappy with the performance. The day the SB was conceived, I had my friend Dana Allen in on my claim and I was showing him my "blasting" system and also commenting on the various reasons I didn't like it.... and I lamented "I sure wish someone could come up with something better". Six months later, Dana called me and said.... "I've got something for you to try". And boy did I have fun. The Sierra Blaster is awesome.

    A couple of years ago, I discovered the Sierra Blaster's Big Brother- AUTOSTEM... this is a product from South Africa, and it is pretty interesting. There is the US distributor for it in Southern California, and it was so interesting, I had to go see how it worked. Here is a video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V10P...ature=youtu.be ..... these two products- in my opinion- will change small (and large) scale mining. With the Sierra Blaster, you do NOT need an ATF license... you just have to take a simple test and you are good. Charges are cheap $1.29 ea, and it works underwater (that's all I'll say). The Sierra Blaster is suited for 6' diameter and smaller rocks, and the Autostem does the bigger stuff. The Autostem is classified as a 1.4S explosive (fireworks) and you DO NEED and ATF license to use it (License is easy to get if you aren't a felon). But since it is classified as fireworks, they can literally ship the charges to you via UPS without the hassles of actual explosives. The Autostem charges run $10 and up each, but can turn a 10' diameter rock into gravel without the detrimental effects of using explosives. I am sure if you are interested and contact either company, they have someone who can do a demonstration for you.

    Also for winching or moving big rocks, I use cargo nets. I went down to the surplus store in Reno, and picked up some orange cargo net that comes off a spool. The holes in it are 4" and I use it to lift 200 lb rocks. Easy to move around, won't cut my hands and lets you use your legs, rather than your back to lift the rocks (for you older guys). I use it all the time for moving rocks on my 10 acre property in Truckee. For bigger WINCHING jobs, I use nylon Military Helicopter Cargo Nets. They are big and expensive 40'x40' and $500. But I buy them and cut them into smaller sizes 4x4, 6x6, and they are lightweight, the "pockets" in them allow you to hook over a rock protrusion, they are easy on your hands, they float and they are REALLY strong against wear of rock on rock sliding while winching. I am still using one of those nets after 5 years. They are bombproof. I tried all the chains and cables, and found the cargo nets are the best.
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    Mar 2016
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    Interesting, I'd like to see it used UG in an audit.
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    Nov 2010
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    That autostem does looks quite interesting. I would love to try it out. Has anyone here gotten an ATF licence before?
    I'm starting to look into traditional blasting certs and requirements. Hoping that it might be easier and cheaper for class 1.4S

    I agree with Minerrick about using the heaviest duty cargo nets you can find for winching boulders. Cut 4 nets out of one. We primarily use the cargo nets underwater. Drape the bottom of the hole and fill with oversized cobble and small boulders. Winch that out and repeat to make a big hole. The bigger boulders maybe half ton and bigger, I like to sling individually.
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    Apr 2020
    24 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    The ATF License isn't a big deal as long as you aren't a felon. It costs about $100 and it takes a couple of months to get. Pretty much they want you to track the usage of the product, so you track when it leaves the magazine and what it is being used for. Not a big deal. From what I understand, the handling of the product is much simpler than explosives. They send you the charges via UPS. When I first contacted the ATF guy, he wanted me to get the ok from the local fire marshal to store the product on my property and the local fire marshall was hesitant. The ATF guy asked me for the phone number of the fire marshall, and just 5 minutes later the fire marshall calls me back and says "you're good". I later asked the ATF guy what he told the fire marshall, and he responded " I told him a guy storing road flares in his garage is more dangerous than this product". You do have to have a special "magazine" but you can easily buy it from Home Depot for $299.

    If you want a demo of the product, just contact one of the distributors and theymay have someone close to you to come show you how it works. I've been playing with it, and it is quite impressive. Now I use the Sierra Blaster AND Autostem for different applications.... but I'm not a blaster..... I'm just a monkey who loves to watch rocks breaking up into little pieces. My main usage is using my tractor/backhoe on my bony/rocky property.... I am always breaking up boulders I cannot dig up or move.... it's a daily thing.
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