Portable Mini Sluice box.
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Thread: Portable Mini Sluice box.

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    The Irishman

    May 2020
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    Portable Mini Sluice box.

    Good evening everyone. I have an interesting question for prospectors. I live in East Tennessee and there are some areas that we can go gold panning. We can use non-power sluice boxes. I found a portable one that folds up and is about 50 inches long when opened up. Here is a picture of it. Has anyone used it, and what is your opinion on it. Click image for larger version. 

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    My initial thoughts, looking at the picture, as that it should
    be fine. The flare at the front could be a bit wider, but you
    can use rocks to direct more flow into the sluice, if needed.

    Who is the manufacturer?
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    Mike (aka Dizz)

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    Dec 2012
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    I have one just like it. Works great if you are just checking an area for color, but not much else.
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    Seems like a fair basic sluice....shovel on!

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    50 inches is more than you need and long sluices are harder to setup. Folding sluices have their own issues. Taken together, these issues mean this sluice is a poor choice, especially for a newer prospector.

    Get something shorter like a Angus Mackirk, Le Trap, or a 36 riffle sluice like a Keene A52
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