historic aerials errors
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Thread: historic aerials errors

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    Jan 2018
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    historic aerials errors

    I have been using historic aerials to locate old buildings.

    I notice a error on some maps of 100 -200 feet between the location of a building on the aerial photo and the location on the topo map. Which do you think is more correct the aerial photo or the top map building location.
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    I'd definitely go with the aerial photo. Unless it's possible the building shown on the map predates the photo. Then you would have two sites.
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    The Bald Eagle photo...he/she posed for me, gave me it's best American look. I felt privileged to get the shot.

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    Jan 2016
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    It's not uncommon for old hand drawn topo maps to be off just a bit.
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    LOL a Picture is worth a Thousand Words

    and Unimpeachable compared to a Drawing or Memory.

    (If you ever snap a Photograph of a Person Sitting on a Bench,
    & When you download it, the person is standing beside the Bench,
    It's definitely time to see a Doctor about memory issues)

    If a building appears to have Moved, maybe it did.
    at least around here a Few 1 room School Houses that were Built of wood,
    Have been Purchased & Moved.

    It's more then likely the Roads Moved, or your looking at the Wrong Building,
    if the topo is off.

    there is one other option I Can think of . The Map maker used Word of Mouth on where the Buildings in certain areas were. or because travel by horse or foot turned them around and left became right.

    ever drive the boodocks Winding Roads . come to a cross road.

    and have a hard time Figuring North From South.
    & Ultimately choose the Wrong one ?

    Before Aerials, Topos were Drawn by Foot, Horse, or Word of Mouth.
    and of course guesstimates on where the buildings etc should appear on the maps
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    Yep 200 ft isn't too bad you know you're close. Its rare they are dead on accurate. I just look at the topo ground features (which also change over time) for a little drainage, bluff crossroads or something to get me oriented. Then I find the bricks, pottery, glass, oyster shells and presto. You're there. Heck I often find the older out buildings by accident looking for the main site.
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    I agree aerial map is more accurate. Good luck

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