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Thread: How to stop telemarketers permanently

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    I'm surprised that today we did not receive a single telemarketer call - first time in a very long time.

    We get pounded every day otherwise.

    Just last week, prior to noon we'd received 9 straight telemarketer call. Then a 10th call came in and I made the mistake, without looking at caller ID, I used some expletives directing the caller to go pound sand somewhere and don't ever call here again. And of course hung up.

    Turns out, the caller was Mom's long time doctor. I guess he e-mailed her about it, I was both embarrassed and ashamed.

    Prior to that he liked me, and always kept me up to date about Mom's health at age 94.

    Lesson learned - always check the caller ID.....
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    Open mouth, insert foot! LOL it happens that way sometimes
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    You have reached a number which is being monitored by the FBI telemarketing complaints task force.
    You are hereby ordered to remove this number from your call list immediately. Thank you for your cooperation. Clunk !
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    Jeff of PA, try the ladies line with the guys also. That oughta work.

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    I am not totally sure about this one but I remember reading that even if the call isn’t answered the marketer get some sort of small payment like an eight of a cent. For proving your number is operating. And then they pass it on to another marketer as verified. Makes sense since that is why they seem to come in bursts

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    There are some really nice sounding female telemarketers when YOU CALL them...

    They have so many 1-900 numbers though.

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    Jul 2018
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    I see it is a scam..

    I answer: "Its done, but there is blood everywhere...Ill call you back"

    and hang up

    Just have to remember this if you're applying for a job or something, as you'll never get the call. Or hope your doctor always calls from the office phone number... :-)
    and yes my friends, I have been caught with a few doctors and other calls....

    Cost of doing business sez aye!
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    oh what the hell...why not!


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