4 layer shifter
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    4 layer shifter

    I think it could be cool if you had a sifter in 4 layers all layers different size holes. then you get the stones you need in different sizes and it is easier to sort.
    and you still get the dirt sorted out.

    If anyone can make one of those let me know and give me a price then we can talk business.

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    Re: 4 layer shifter

    Great Idea!
    I'll work on it.
    I could probably make a prototype using simple chicken wire,
    and various size screen wires in a box. One end open to allow
    dumping it all out.

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    Re: 4 layer shifter

    If you want to make something larger than the gold pan classifier screens, try WWW.mcnichols.com. They have about every type screen expanded metal & screen known to man! They have perforated metal sheets that run from .027" up to 1" holes. Better prices for full sheets. The cutting charges are the killer. If you want to go huge try the moire pattern perforated metal cut the bottom out of a Blue 55 gal drum, cut the metal a little larger than the drum. Melt the edge of the drum with a propane toech & push the metal into the molten plastic. Another way is to cut the drum in half down the side. cut out a square hole then poprivet the metal in. Makes a nice trough sifter.
    I know it's here, just need a bigger coil!

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