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    Apr 2012
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    Price for Mineral Ore per kg or Ounce?

    Can anyone assist me by providing price estimation on selling (hard rocks) minerals ore per kg or per ounce?

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    Nov 2006
    A while back a guy named Richard Pickle in Sweet Home Oregon said he had some buyers of ores
    I forget his web site just now. He does some assaying; I think "Rockman" may be his moniker. search for him..
    You don't say what mineral or what matrix it is in; or what quantity is available Others here have said there are processors/ smelters out there. You may just have to search & shop your ore & see what they offer. If only a small quantity you may find a market for specimens? If you learn/know how to do your own processing you can save the $ someone else will build into their offer for your ore. Might be time to sell the deposit & go find another, better one? Good Luck

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    Eureka Gold Panning

    Apr 2012
    Greensboro NC
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    Just look up assaying in your area and send them some specimens. They will offer a fair market price for what ever ore you have if it's worth anything or will refer you to someone who wants it. It's what the do so there not out to rip anyone off or about to risk there Rep. over your ore. It will be well worth letting them process it for you unless you have the time, equitment & knolage to put into all that goes into the process.
    A Good Day Is Always A Better Day When Your Finding Gold.

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    Apr 2012
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thank You Very Much for the very good information.



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