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Thread: Still here

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    Gold Tramp

    Dec 2012
    1678 times
    Nothin left to talk about,
    its hot,
    same thing here today washin mud that used to be solid rock.
    Theres not much else, amalgamation thats a dull story, smelting not much to that either.

    No mining or prospecting, got no wheels, to hot to walk anywhere.

    Cant make a video cant afford camera or online service.

    Gold mining sucks !!!
    No im not a greenie disguised as a miner, just a prospector tellin a true life story this is how it is in my gold minin world.

    Imagine if you guys had to get the gold in hand everyday just to buy grocerys, water, fuel, and tools, could you do it ?

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    Period Six Mining and Exploration, LLC

    Aug 2010
    Southeast Arizona
    3935 times
    Bad thing about gold mining. Its always feast or famine. Ive been there. Its one of the main reasons I moved to Arizona and took the job I have now. Damn hard to support a wife and three kids on next to nothing a month.

    Keep plugging away brother you'll hit the big one.
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    Mining is how I make my living. I turn mountains into dust on a daily basis.

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    Gold Tramp

    Dec 2012
    1678 times
    Seems golwasher or whatever it is, thinks my story is a bunch of poor me bull.
    If youall dont want to read my story i could take it elsewhere.

    Amsbandit dont even know what throwin shade even means(american flag pic)
    I dont even know why gold washer even has to mention you in his weird PM.

    Goldwasher you ask me to pray for your friend then you attack me . is this the way the world is?
    Your on my ignore list.

    Let me know if youall want to move on ?
    At least i got a real prospector story.
    I could probably get it in the ca minin journal ?


    I apologize if i offended folks with my prayer comment its not christian like.
    Aufisher your my friend,
    Prayers buddy.
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    Gold Tramp

    Dec 2012
    1678 times
    Food for thought.
    Makin fun of folks that have mental or physical handicap is no jokin matter.
    My wife is a hardcore christian, her job in life is to take care of my aging father who lost his wife to brain cancer it took her in 3 months. Hes an Air Force vet, now crippled from arthritis.

    My wifes other job is global product sales they make medal n ribbons for the armed forces.
    Shes handles and puts together the storys of a soldiers life, many have purple hearts, she doesnt know for what they recived this medal.
    Only that they were hurt.

    When i say we milled today im talkin bout me n my 35 year old handicapped daughter.
    Shes been tablin ore with me for i think 15 years.
    Makes her a professional miller..

    Im sure theres others whos story is far worse than mine in fact i know this,
    These folks know the pain of caring for some one they love thats really in bad shape some mental some physical some both, its really hard thing to do.

    Those that havnt had to give up there life to care for their person, thank god you dont have to, its harder thing to stick with than gold minin for a livin.


    Hug a nurse or care giver tell em thanks, they. Rock!
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    May 2009
    Sailor Flat, Ca.
    SDC2300, Gold Bug 2 Burlap, fish oil, ACME handbook for TRUE prospectors (unread)
    10508 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (1)
    Good lord. A huge mischaracterization of what was being conveyed in private messages.

    And totally unrelated to this thread


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    Gold Tramp

    Dec 2012
    1678 times
    Last update from
    Claudette mill.

    First off, have good day Aufisher.

    Got a burst of energy and hammered out a couple loads of grind, so one in buckets ready to table , 1 in the mill groundup.

    Table time for like 8 hours, thats alot of runnin, 900lbs ?
    Its a little cooler today so late start.

    Will be back tonight with last pics,
    Movin to a new minin camp, should be there in a couple weeks.

    Funny first guy givin me guff when i joined this site.
    Last guy and same guy givin me guff today.

    Had fun tellin storys to youall hope you enjoyed.
    Last pic on my way out !

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20180711_093204.jpg 
Views:	58 
Size:	3.03 MB 
ID:	1610540
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    Period Six Mining and Exploration, LLC

    Aug 2010
    Southeast Arizona
    3935 times
    Good luck on the new mining camp. May you hit the Mother Lode brother.

    Stick around. My story is just beginning.
    Mining is how I make my living. I turn mountains into dust on a daily basis.

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    Dec 2016
    42 times
    Quote Originally Posted by gold tramp View Post
    I pulls into my dirt rd to home and i see this bad boy freshly planted,

    [See attached thumbnail

    So my only transportation to the mine fields is my 4x4 off road vehicle,
    I run on a series of legal marked OHV trails, gets me to the district across the basin.

    just spent a fair bit of gold i didnt have to fix my ole turtle truck for one more season, worse was it wasnt easy to find this yellow stuff.
    You might want to call up the sheriff's office and get some clarification on that sign. I believe in the eyes of the .gov an OHV is a non plated dirt bike, 4 wheeler, buggy, ect. At least that's how it is in Colorado, we have signs all over our forest service roads "no OHV past this point" "Not an OHV route". All it means is you need a legal plated vehicle to drive on a legal county/ forest service road. If your truck has a plate and the road is a legal open road you are good to go. If you are green stickered you are probably out of luck.

    Love the thread, keep at it.


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