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Thread: What were they looking for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twobrothers View Post
    I hacked through/ open a lot of vuggy iron stained quartz until I found obvious visible gold for the first time. It helps if you know how gold comes in your district. Old mining reports sometimes make mention . I got a lucky break; broke open a slab of quartz. And there it was a shiny gold foil sandwiched in layered quartz. The first time I saw it I knew it right away. Once I saw that I knew exactly what to look for in the vein quartz. Each district (site, and even foot by foot on a vein at times) has its own geologic ore controls and peculiarities.

    Basically it comes down to this:

    -Either you find a report that tells you what you're looking for.
    -You find a good crumb the old timers left behind and you know what to be on the lookout for
    -You bang away at every piece of iron stained quartz (don't forget to check the contact zones with the hanging and foot walls) and examine everything closely until you find what you're looking for

    Whatever it is have fun doing it!
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    PS thought I had while banging away at a quartz vein the other day. I wasn't finding what I was looking for that day. Namely gold and The geologic indications had my hopes up for a lot of it. God created the world at and for His pleasure. If it pleased Him to make a vuggy quartz vein without gold what can I say? If it's not there I could bang away at it all day? And find no pay. Maybe the old timers scooped up all the good stuff? Maybe they were just gold crazy enough to dig a 500ft trench through quartz and granite for nothing. Haul a gasoline powered air compressor 700ft. Up a 30% grade for the experience of it?

    Anyway. Be safe. Whatever it is you get up to have fun. That makes the difference between living or just killing yourself slowly.
    I looked online for past claims or prospects, all I found were Two, one for gold, one for feldspar? I checked those places out, they were shafts that went down about 20-30'. They too, were in schist. I sampled those as well=nothing found. Obviously now I need to rethink my sampling processes and look for super fine micro gold. But in general, this area is not known as a gold bearing area. I have a feeler out to someone who is supposed to know this area, but has moved. Still going to pursue that. This stuff looks so good, so different from the norm.
    I've got to figure it out. I checked out my own twenty acres a couple of years ago, probably have to redo all of that. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by geolover View Post
    Can I do a fire assay myself?
    You can, for sure. There are some things to consider:

    1. Health & law issues - beware of the lead, acids and the waste you need to get rid of! (i.e. lead-contaminated cupels)

    2. Is it worth it?
    Doing an assay on your own takes a good bit of time and you need to keep tight quality control. (running double assays, making sure of no contamination etc)
    You also need to learn to properly make up flux-recipes, interpret the ore - but these can be gotten by reading and experimenting.

    If you don't have a lot of spare time, this might not be worth it.
    A smelt will in my electric furnace runs until it doesn't react anymore - typically around 30-40 min.
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