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Thread: 3 reasons why not to buy a AT PRO....

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    Feb 2017
    EQ 800 & 600, Fisher F75 +, Tesoro Tejon, Tesoro Conquistador, Bounty hunter Tracker iv
    3846 times
    Metal Detecting
    I agree with these tests totally. The only thing I don't understand is the point? Or why anyone is surprised. It would be like car and driver testing a 2010 mustang vs a 2018 Corvette, for example.....then beating home the fact that the newer model out performs.

    I've hunted beside AT pro's and TBH they just don't impress me.

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    Dec 2008
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    I would say anyone as confident and sure they have the best machine would have no problem invite everyone down for a few hunts...using inferior machines of course.

    And I think most of us here have learned in life there is Always someone better, no matter the circumstances or machine.
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    Oct 2013
    CTX-3030 E-TRAC ATPro
    44 times
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    Quote Originally Posted by calabash digger View Post
    Go ahead cut your nose off to spite your face....
    Down vote!!!

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    Dec 2015
    Ann Arbor
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    I hear ya Smokey love my Nox but like a car some people like minivan or a inexpensive car easy to use good on gas all the operator I know many people who own expensive cars and cant drive em or have the Corvette but the drive shaft is wobbly the tires are out of balance and the windows leak Calibash knows his machines and how to use em bet he doesn't use the nox in iron or water the XP he uses different machines different uses. Tons of gold silver and banner finds posted with Garrets. I would rather have a reliable car then one the breaks down a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A2coins View Post
    To spend thousands of hours for nothing to promote one machine and get nothing out of it ? your time your dime!!!! thats a little creepy, Air tests are totally worthless unless you detect through air not dirt and to do that to compare one machine to the other. I have the EQ 800 with the big ice cream cone control box that leaks on alot of people, and sucks in water its good on coins and iron not many people hunt in iron or want to but if you do than ho rah. Many people I could ask how to change tone pitch in 5 tone and dont have a clue about any functions or features of their machine or even haved used both machines you could drive a vette but if you dont know how to drive it Ill smoke you in a pinto. A treasure hunter has many tools if you just choose to use one. than more for me. We hunt in ground with high mineralization , some hunt in areas with high iron content an air test really!!!!!!lol The 800 is a great machine but the At is also I dont want to dig 1 ft down or more for a clad dime. The At can Id pop tops much better than the 800s solid signal with not waver, no roll tone. Different machines for different people just like cars, If you have a vette and dont know at what rpm to shift,or or how to take corners, or when to let off when you get squirrley then you wasted all that money on a car, and all the features that are useless because you dont know how to use them but you can stand on top of a building Vettes rule, yet you dont even know how to drive it. Then just Park it 1 or 2 ........like driving the vette in first or second gear all the time if you dont know how to use all those features you paid for then you wasted your money on them cause they are useless. lol
    Tommy, sometimes having a Corvette just isn't for you! I saw a guy with a brand new one pulling it off the road. BRAND NEW and DOA! He blew the transmission the first week he had it.

    Most of the time success is due to the operator. I won't watch an air test. They are useless.

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    Oct 2013
    CTX-3030 E-TRAC ATPro
    44 times
    Metal Detecting
    Quote Originally Posted by calabash digger View Post
    I don’t really care if you think I skew the reviews now your calling me dishonest about a metal detector. Buy yourself a go pro and prove my results are wrong ... oh how far the brand loyal love affair people will go to defend their precious... give me a break !

    If what I showed was false some Garrett fan boy would have posted a video to show it.
    WOW...You are a joke!!
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    Aug 2015
    Blairsville Pennsylvania
    At pro,F75
    10 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Diggin With Britt swings a At pro,and if it’s good enough for her it’s good enough for me..I like your videos calabash,but your in 2nd place behind her on my watchlist.lol
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    Jul 2019
    Deltona Fl
    AT-Pro - Teknetics T2 LTD
    646 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I don't know about all of this but I feel detectors are like guns. You use what you are comfortable with and what you are hunting for.

    I own a AP Pro and a Teknetics T2 LTD SPECIAL EDITION Metal Detector With 11",5" Search Coils, and CORS Fortune 9.5"x5.5” DD Search Coil. My favorite detector of all time was the Teknetics 9000.

    The AP is great on the beach for me. Steady and goes deep with no Dis. and almost full Sens. The T2 is almost useless on the beach with it's chatter and false readings. In the park with junk the T2 shines with the 5" coil and in the field with little junk the T2 shines with the CORS coil as well as the AP with the 11" coil. I find the AP is easier to pinpoint with, set up and change settings. I found a 2" piece of twisted copper wire 18" down in my back yard testing the AP with headphones so ya, it goes deep.

    I've also owned a few fishers, 2 other Garretts and an E-trac which I almost gave away because you couldn't see the screen but a lot of guys love them so who knows.
    I say use what you like and learn it well and you will do better than 90% of the other guys out there who don't.
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    Looking for a hunting buddy in or around Deltona Fl.

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    Mar 2013
    SW, VA - Bull Mountain
    CTX, Excal II, EQ800, Fisher 1260X, Tesoro Royal Sabre, Tejon, Garrett ADSIII, Carrot, Stealth 920iX, Keene A52
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    Digging in the dirt & scooping in the water!
    It cost me a whole lot of danged money as I have every machine listed on my profile. Each one is quite capable in it's own way. I haven't gotten out much this year - doesn't mean I don't love the hobby. Water is a completely different story, live by my Excal II. Dirt digging? I just grab my trusty Tejon. Could choose the CTX or the EQ, but I grab the Tejon instead.

    It's about "being one" with your trusted machine. I don't go by TID, I go by sound, which is what I'm used to. I may never get a Banner, don't have to = not my thing. I do it for the love of the adventure and sometimes I find nice things.

    I chased those whiz bang gizmos to the tune of thousands and in the end, settled with what I'm most comfortable with.
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    Simple, low cost, but effective

    Nov 2006
    NE Tennessee
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    In the end, it's all about the "fun" factor. I find plenty, and have lots of fun, with my LRP. I put more into what I have found, rather than sitting around worrying about what I may have missed. So you have a detector that can find things 2" deeper. There's lots of junk at that depth also. More time digging isn't my idea of fun.

    Now excuse me while I have more fun tackling the new "Borderlands 3" on the XBox One. It's all about what you see as fun.
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    Phantasm is correct. It's about the fun factor. Some of my best finds could have been made with a $49.95 machine, just how the targets were in the soil.

    No need to bash someone else's machine. That's really pretty juvenile. So what if someone can only afford machine "X"? You going to make them depressed and make them unhappy they can't get machine "Y" due to their budget? Come on already. I get really tired of the "my machine is better than yours" syndrome. I am not specifically referring to anyone, but if the goal is to go and find stuff, well, go and find it!

    And as Tommy said "I would rather have a reliable car then one the breaks down a lot." Wonder which kind he was referring to? Maybe my Impala which never breaks!

    And there's a reason some of us have different machines. For a couple of my spots a $49.95 machine works just fine. I'd want another for underwater, etc.

    There is no magic wand out there. Go PLAY!

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    Dec 2015
    Ann Arbor
    Equinox 800
    30831 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Greatly written.....Thanks, I agree 1000 percent......
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    Just go play, and find some treasure!
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    Apr 2016
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    Love all the different views expressed in this thread . I like the political correctness some like to try to associate with detecting. Dont say anything bad about a model detector you might hurt some ones feelings.... Give me a break ! It is a piece of plastic ,we can pretend and all hold hands and sing.

    THIS IS THE HEAD TO HEAD forum and if your feelings get hurt easy you might need to stay the todays finds section.

    Bottom line is this in the price range of the AT SERIES there is the Equinox and Anfibio and both of those blow the AT series away.... How do I know this ??

    I have tested and used all three!

    AT PRO was the first all terrain detector but it has been made obsolete by the others.... if you want to be ONE with a OBSOLETE detector go ahead...

    FUN FACTOR- yeah walking around the park or a relic site KNOWING that the detector your using is missing all kinds targets sounds like real fun to me....

    SMOKEY I know you drive all over and spend all kinds of money looking for relics and I hear what your saying BUT I also see what your using.. Smokey is one of the best so folks take notice of what she is swinging and ask your self one simple question.

    WHY is she swinging the Deus with a hf coil for relics.....I will make it easy for you …..BECAUSE it is the BEST machine made for relics... ……….
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    Jas 1:22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

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    If someone is to consider the AT Pro an obsolete machine, and my guess is Garrett will make changes to keep up with the competition, then what do you call a machine, the Equinox, with better electronics, but bad construction where most every one I personally know who has one has opted to either get a new lower after market shaft so it won't wobble ($100), a new metal armcuff because they tend to snap in half ($50), and the 6" coil to do relics better (about $150). Some have purchased counter balances to correct the ergonomics. So that $899 machine is now $1199. And the leaks. If you have one and don't submerge the control head in water there is something wrong with you as they have known leakage problems and the warranty still applies so you should move on that. Minelab will take care of it promptly, they have good service. No one knows how many but I still hear folks complaining theirs gave up the ghost.

    Better machine? Working machine? Non working machine? Last for years? Lasts for months? Are our machines now throwaways? Do we care?

    I agree the Equinox has better electronics, but their construction leaves a lot to be desired.


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