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Thread: 3 reasons why not to buy a AT PRO....

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    Jan 2015
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    Hurray! I'm for the other team

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeythecat View Post
    Phantasm is correct. It's about the fun factor. Some of my best finds could have been made with a $49.95 machine, just how the targets were in the soil.

    No need to bash someone else's machine. That's really pretty juvenile. So what if someone can only afford machine "X"? You going to make them depressed and make them unhappy they can't get machine "Y" due to their budget? Come on already. I get really tired of the "my machine is better than yours" syndrome. I am not specifically referring to anyone, but if the goal is to go and find stuff, well, go and find it!

    And as Tommy said "I would rather have a reliable car then one the breaks down a lot." Wonder which kind he was referring to? Maybe my Impala which never breaks!

    And there's a reason some of us have different machines. For a couple of my spots a $49.95 machine works just fine. I'd want another for underwater, etc.

    There is no magic wand out there. Go PLAY!
    Very well said!
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    Feb 2017
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    Many moons ago before I knew the difference between a lower end machine and a good one, I found a lot with a RadioShack model. Decades later I’ve owned and still several “better” machines.
    I’ve hunted with “the best” of them but if you want to have fun it’s about

    Location, location, location...

    Tips for newbies... spend more time on researching good locations to hunt and getting permissions. Get the machine you can comfortably afford. Read the manual and learn the machine. Dig it all at historical sites. Go back over the location again at different angles.
    Go back over it again after a good rain. Go back over it again when it’s bone dry. Go back over it again because you can’t get a new permission. Go back over it again because you feel there has to be more.
    When you find yourself dreaming about detecting, your hooked. Start saving your money for a “better” detector. And while your at it, you might as well start saving for the next one you will be convinced you can’t live without.

    When you finally upgrade your machine.. go back over your hunted sites to see if your new machine can pull out more.
    ..... and repeat.

    Welcome to the hobby.

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    What MetalArchSC said! One thing we forget is if it's not there to begin with, you won't find it. I also like to dig slightly frozen ground, there's something about that situation that makes goodies jump out of the ground.
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