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    'Keto Crotch' called out as stinky side effect of popular diet


    By Lauren Steussy | New York Post

    Sure, eating sizzling steaks or cheese-drenched eggs with a side of tender-crisp bacon may sound tasty — but how does it smell?

    The keto diet, a low-carb plan that emphasizes eating fat and protein with few fruits and starchy vegetables, has become wildly popular lately, especially among celebs like Tim Tebow and Halle Berry. Proponents say it’s a delicious way to drop pounds fast — but critics argue that it may not be super sustainable for the average person.

    Still, even diehard fans of the diet say the worst side effect is what’s known as “Keto Breath,” which some describe as overripe-to-rotten fruity or metallic (like “fingernail polish remover“).

    But there may be an even more unfortunate odor, which online keto-lovers have dubbed “Keto Crotch.” The stinky symptom is a hot topic on medical message boards, Twitter and Reddit threads.

    “I am very, SMELLY,” one distressed Redditer (over)shared.

    “Have any of you tried vegetarian keto and found a reduction in your funk factor, specifically below the belt?” a concerned commenter asked.

    Meanwhile, a “Keto Crotch” survivor advised: “It took me a couple months to ‘level out,’” in terms of her intense intimate area aroma.

    It’s true: “Foods change the pH of the body. When this happens, the body will emit certain odors,” Lisa De Fazio, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, told Insider. “The keto diet [may] change your vaginal pH, which alters your vaginal odor — and it may not smell like roses.”

    De Fazio added that such an imbalance also may cause women to encounter infections like bacterial vaginosis. She says it can often run its course, but that you may need to visit your doctor to make sure it’s OK. Or, just change your diet, she says.
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