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    More bear info

    Bears are foraging heavily now to get ready for winter here in the high country in Colorado. We've recently had more encounters for tent campers than usual, and they did result in injuries. We're thinkin that bears are startin to associate tents with food, whether there is food in them or not. In most cases, the campers had their food secured properly, but the bear went straight for the tent. Could make for interesting times ahead. On my solo trips I'm still goin waaaay up in the woods and still sleepin in a bed roll by the fire, and no problems so far. But I do check the area for signs of bear before I camp. The tourist season is fixin to shut down til it snows, but if any of y'all come up here it wouldn't hurt to check with the locals in the area about the bear situation before you camp.
    Just like Texas in 1880.



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