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    Dec 2008
    Southwestern PA
    Garrett ACE 250

    My hobbies are...

    Riding motorcycles (street), sculpting, gardening, painting, collecting antiques (from old coins to furniture and everything in between), going to auctions, collecting/reading/learning about history (any period but especially earlier american and ancient egyptian) and my new hobby... metal detecting!!

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    Relic hunter

    Mar 2008
    269 times
    Relic Hunting

    Re: My hobbies are...

    Hello and Welcome aboard,
    It sounds like you have some nice and fun hobbies there Padigger.

    My hobbies are mainly Metal Detecting old homesites and Civil War sites,bottle digging,cave exploring and Fixing up Old Cars,mostly Chevy ll Nova's.

    Happy New Year,
    Nova Treasure

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    ~The Cane Field Bandits~

    Oct 2007
    Denham Springs, Louisiana
    Tesoro Cortes, Tesoro Cibola,
    151 times
    Relic Hunting

    Re: My hobbies are...

    Welcome padigger,
    I enjoy scanner and shortwave radio monitoring, writing and recording in my own music studio, Guitar, coin coin and bill collecting bothe world and U.S. Camping, traveling, bed & breakfasts, my job, I own a Taxi Cab Service. And of coarse my favorite "dirt fishing". Cheers, Shane
    Here is what our signature line for 2014 said:

    2014 CaneField Bandits Totals:
    1792 French 2 Sol Copper
    1813 Half Stiver King George III
    181? Cut Quarter of an 8 Reales
    1826 Two Reales
    1827 Peruvian Republic 1 Real
    1815 Ferdinand 1 Real
    1829 Cap and Rays 1 Real
    1781, 1803, 1811, 1814, and two Dateless Half Reales
    1872 Seated Half Dollar
    1876-S Seated Quarter
    EIGHT Seated Half Dimes: 1838, 1839, three 1840-O's, 1842-O, 1848-O, 1857 and one dateless half dime
    NINE Seated Dimes: 1838-O (No Stars), 1875, 1876-CC, Two 1875-S, 1876-S, Two 1887 and an 1888
    1700s French Silver Spoon
    U.S.S. New Orleans Silver Pendant (1890s)
    Large New Orleans Hallmarked Silver Spoon and a monogrammed antebellum coin silver spoon
    185? Large Cent
    c.1830-40s Belgian .50 cal brass pistol barrel and frame
    Confederate Pelican Civil War Button
    1840s Convex Eagle Militia Button
    CW Eagle "I" Button
    1lb. Grape Shot
    CW Era "snake" Sword Hanger
    Blacksmith-Forged Picket Pin
    1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
    1893-S and 1896 Barber Quarters
    1943, 1954, and 1963-D Quarters
    1894-O, 1902-O, and 1911-D Barber Dimes
    1945 and 1945-S Mercury Dimes
    1864-L Indian Head Cent
    186?, 1866, and a Dateless Shield Nickel
    Assorted Civil War Bullets and Musketballs
    Plantation Tokens
    Indian Head Cents, Wheats, Buffaloes, and GawGag

    So it's time to clear out the signature line, put up another year-end post, and get some more finds added tour our 2015 totals.

    Best Wishes,

    Buck, Shanegalang, and DiggerGirl

    2015 CaneField Bandits Totals:

    "In Hoc Signo Vinces" Masonic Sword Belt Plate
    Antebellum coin silver "twin hearts" ring
    1854-O (or 1855-O) Seated Quarter
    Dateless Seated Dime
    1899-O Barber Dime

    OUR 2014 YEAR-END POST: http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/today-s-finds/446995-what-sweet-year-2014-canebandits-wrap-up-lots-pics.html
    OUR 2013 YEAR-END POST: http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/to...-end-post.html
    OUR 2012 YEAR END POST: http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/20...ml#post3120940

    Any relics, coins, or other items appearing in my finds signatures were found on PRIVATE PROPERTY with total consent and permission from the owners of said property.

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    Mar 2007
    West "by god" Virginia
    Fishers CZ5 and 1280X

    Re: My hobbies are...

    Welcome padigger!

    We have much in common, but not the 2 wheelers. I might not be here today if I had been involved in the bikes- LOL !

    I read a quote once, "Buy your son a Honda for his last birthday" It stuck in my mind!

    Looks like you are just above the Mason-Dixon line, and I am just below it!

    Good luck and find lots of goodies!

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    Oct 2007
    Northern, OH
    DFX, White PI, Bounty Hunter, Whites Surfmaster II and Excalibur II
    129 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (1)

    Re: My hobbies are...

    My hobby is MDing as my detector goes where I go. Then I like to do prospecting. If I lived somewhere where gold was more plentiful it may be the other way around. But then who knows depends on how many old site I could detect....Matt
    CRH 2014 find
    War Nickels
    Mercs 4
    Rosie 6
    90% Kennedy
    40% halfs
    Detecting Finds
    Quarters `
    Silver Quarters
    Silver Dimes



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