aquaponics, anyone?
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    aquaponics, anyone?

    I'm just starting this form of gardening after dirt gardening for many years. Is anyone else doing the same? I don't mean hydroponics, but using fish and their waste to grow veggies (not pot) in a closed loop system.

    While I'm working on this, I'm having a hard time figuring out the progression of, fish tank, grow beds, drain to water tank, filter by spin, return clean water to fish tank. My problem begins with this. If the cycle is to run 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off, how does one keep the fish tank from either overflowing or draining too far for the fish during the 45 minute off cycle?
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    Good question , I have read some on this and think this is really interesting . Have you found a answer yet ? Would setting the timer to shorter periods on help or not ?

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    This year I am in the process of starting a hydroponic system and maybe expanding it to an aquaponic system later this year or perhaps next. I have already started an aeroponic system in which I have started my seed. I have already gotten my garden plot ready to sow, so I guess I will do traditional gardening this year. By the late summer or early fall though, I hope to have my hydroponic system up and running. Next year will be all hydroponic or aquaponics for sure. I have been everywhere searching for material and pricing prefab greenhouses and kits. So far I haven't made a concrete decision on which way I am going, but I will probably build a traditional a frame or a dome. The dome is cheaper to build but I believe it wouldn't stand up to wind as good as an A frame. Many videos on youtube has me convinced of that. If wind isn't a consideration, then a dome would seem to be the best solution. I am going off grid and using solar pumps and solar fans, which run only during the day. Good Luck. rockhound
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