Three rings...
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    Three rings...

    First was a class ring found in our local swimming hole. We went through the school and found the lady who was glad and sent a nice article about getting her ring back to the newspaper.

    Next was a guy I worked with heard talk of metal detecting so asked if I would look for his ex girlfriend's ring she threw across a yard in a lover's quarrel. This was an apartment complex and a very small yard which I got no signal of a ring, so asked him to go through the motions she did when tossing the suspect. He did and I walked right to where it stopped rolling across the concrete drive-thru to Chuckie's Chicken and had been ran over by countless cars.

    Recently parked my Jeep at the local quick mart and there was a men's gold wedding band laying there on the concrete, out some distance from the gas pumps. On going inside I asked the clerk if anyone had reported a lost ring. Her eyes got big and she produced a piece of paper with name and phone number of a guy in Florida. So I call the number and it was the man's son. They were travelling and had pulled in there with a motor home and did some sort of checking the rig before getting on the road. He had contacted every place they could remember stopping in hopes of finding the ring. I mailed it and a few weeks got a nice card in the mail with a reward. His wife had passed on and the ring meant alot so he was ever so grateful for its return!
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    Re: Three rings...

    That is just awesome! You sure made the day of several families! Congrats on some great finds and kudos for helping folks out!



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