~Made Someone Happy~
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    ~Made Someone Happy~

    Yesterday, Lisa, Terri, Sherri and I met up for relic hunting at one of our regular sites. (Burdie, you know where this is.) We started out on a small area that had been recently disturbed, between the bottom of a hill and a road. I hunted around for a few minutes and decided to walk up to a different place. Found a little silver button, two little round bullets and then the buckle. Lisa calls on the cell and says she's found a stirrup! After a bit I go back to where they're hunting and come across my first snake of the year. Vol, (Brad) had mailed me yesterday to warn me that they'd already seen 'em out, so I was watching where I stepped. After announcing that yes, indeed the snakes are running, it didn't take long for everyone to decide to change locations.
    Some of you may remember this site....

    It's one of my favorite places and we've hunted there many times. It's still good for a keeper or two if we're lucky. We all scattered about and started digging. Found a dog tag from 1939, an old watch and a couple of pennies.

    The day was almost over for hunting and just as I was about to leave, one of the owners sons came out to talk to me. He said that he had lost his wedding ring. What's even worse, he hasn't been married for very long. :P
    Said he had lost it the day we had the snow a couple of weeks ago. I told him we'd be more than happy to look for it! So I called the girls on the cell and had them come over. He asked if I mind if he tried to look for it and I said, "Not at all!" So with a quick lesson, he looked for all of five minutes and handed it back to me. By then the girls had made it back and we started in to looking for it. Half an hour later....I find it!! Yea!

    Just seeing that smile on his face, ya know? I love it! Don't know who was happier, him or me! I told him that if I find something and didn't get to keep it, that it required a picture. No problem there!

    I like days like these.


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    Aug 2006
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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    Way to go Nana! Sounds like you saved a marriage. He sure does look like a happy camper. Keep diggin' girl!
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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    And...you probably have a place to dig as long as you want to! Great story and recovery. Monty
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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    WTG Nana. I think you made his day and saved his marriage

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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    That is a great story, Nana.

    Sometimes it's the finds you don't bring home that are the most rewarding ones...

    His picture says it all !!!!!

    Brian in MA

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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    Another husband out of the doghouse Good work Nana
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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    Good job, Nana. Ain't it great when it works out like that. HH


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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    Oh the karmic brownie points you got for finding the wedding ring! You'll be digging up Spanish silver real soon! Ya did a good thing.

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    Dec 2006
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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    that's the kind of action that gets you noticed
    great job Nan


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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    Your post title says it all...and that's some beautiful ring. Glad you found it for him. "The Bama Girls" are really digging up a storm...awesome finds.


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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    You go girl!
    That is a cool looking ring Nana, congrats. Was it titanium or some other metal? It doesn't look like silver.
    Way to go on the relics too. Is that the rock wall I remember you hitting last year & finding some coins in?
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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    Awesome post Nana, without finding a chest full of gold, this is as good as it gets, LOL! Returning a find like that is a great feeling. I cherish a hunt with the Alabama girlies like I would a great foreign hunt. HH, Mike

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    Apr 2007
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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    what a great place to hunt!
    HH to all, and to all a GH!!!

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    Apr 2007
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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    Looks like yet another great hunt! Congrats and kudos on the ring find! You surely made his day but you put the smile in a lot of folks days anyway!
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    Feb 2007
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    Re: ~Made Someone Happy~

    A most excellent day for a most excellent Lady! Congrats on the recovery Nana - he must have been more than relieved! Great finds all around as well...
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