He Asked "What is the going rate for Ring Retrieval?"
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    He Asked "What is the going rate for Ring Retrieval?"

    Hello ALL!

    I was at Pfizer on Tuesday when the fire alarm went off in the Data Center. It was a false alarm, but as we were all gathered at the designated location... a coworker approached me and asked what the going rate was for ring retrieval was...

    I asked him to explain the situation...

    Well he says... He does not have any tree's in his yard... but the neighbor does... and the many leaves that end up in his yard really belong to the nieghbor... and he had raked them up and was returning them over the fence....

    I bet you know where this is going... big piles of leaves being hand tossed over the fence...

    There are those that would say that kama had something to do with the wedding ring traveling with the leaves....

    Please note less that 30 feet away is a man garage that has been in place for decades... lots of iron work has gone on... to say this leave pile was in a mess of metal would be an understatement...

    But its a ring... on the surface... how hard could it be....

    So I arrive on Tuesday night... he has a 12X12 foot spot he believes the ring to be on.... I crank the sensitivity down... use a pattern to discriminate out the butt load of iron...

    We pull out a bunck of foil, flattened beverage cans, metal screw caps... copper... and a buck of basic junk... 60 minutes and nothing close to a ring... its getting dark and cold.... so we decide to continue another day...

    I arrive today, its warm, sunny and I am determined to find Randy's ring...

    I put on the 6" DD to help with the trash... 30 minutes and zippo... we cleared out all the targets I could pinpoint... this 12X12 area is pretty clean now...

    I ask Randy to go back where he was standing and what happened... as the ring was not in the area we were looking...

    I pull up the fence as I could right next to where Randy was standing when this happened and there was a clear 18-20 signal on my XTerra70... the exact numbers I was looking for but I could not see it... so I moved over the fernce and Randy pulled up on the fence to I could get to it..

    Bang bang... 18-20.... brush away the leaves and HAPPY DANCE!

    Here is the smiling Mr. Randy with his ring back in place :-)

    Thanks for looking...

    Happy Hunting!
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    Re: He Asked "What is the going rate for Ring Retrieval?"

    That's a great story, congratulations on finding it for the guy! I wonder if he'll do that again, throw the leaves over the fence...

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    Apr 2008
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    Re: He Asked "What is the going rate for Ring Retrieval?"

    Nice job on the find for the guy. He looks happy for sure. Another ambassador of the art of dirt digging! jgas

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    Apr 2007
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    Re: He Asked "What is the going rate for Ring Retrieval?"

    Sweeeeeet! Great job!
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    Re: He Asked "What is the going rate for Ring Retrieval?"


    HH Joe
    Regards, Joe (California)

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    Re: He Asked "What is the going rate for Ring Retrieval?"

    way to go on returning that ring !!!



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