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Thread: Made a guy very happy

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    Made a guy very happy

    Got a call yesterday from a gentleman that lost his car keys while jogging, He said he tossed them on the side of a cranberry bog so he wouldnt have to carry them as he jogged and planned on picking them up after. He said he looked for a while with no luck and he found my name on the The Ring Finders and gave me a call. I met him today after work and he showed me the area he tossed them, I fired up my DFX and in about 30 seconds got a tone in all metal mode i reached down and passed him his keys. He said he thought he tossed them further down the hedge row. He let me get a couple pictures and gave me a gift for coming out and finding them.I told him it wasnt needed but he insisted that i take it. i'm hoping to make it to 20 honorable mentions by the end of 2013. thanks for looking
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    Tennessee Digger

    Sep 2011
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    You did a good thing and the right thing. Remember "what comes around, goes around". I'll bet you will find something good soon. Tennessee digger
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    Apr 2010
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    Nicely Done!

    "Lost Recovered...History Discovered"

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    Nov 2012
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    Few years ago I was coming out of the woods with my detector, an older couple passed by and saw me and approached me the wife told me years ago that her husband lost his wedding ring somewhere on their property, so i went over to their property and searched for it for almost 4 hours and found it right next to their wood pile. They wanted to give me $100 but instead I told them too write the check to the Volunteer Fire Dept. instead.

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    Jan 2011
    Whites MXT, E Trac, Garrett Pro Pinpointer
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    Yessir, ya done a good job, and as stated before me......What goes 'round comes 'round
    Your turn isa coming, I see good finds in your future....................HH

    If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
    -Samuel Adams-

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    Apr 2008
    Springfield, Oregon
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    Nice job on the find and return of his keys. He was happy and
    you are well on the way for your Honorable Mention goal in 2013.
    It's amazing just how much treasure people loose and we manage to find.

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    Jan 2012
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    Motto = "I try to hit where others cant or others wont "

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    WolfPack member

    Aug 2009
    New Hampshire
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    The Truth
    Not to take anything away from you man but,Im sorry if somebody was stupid enough to toss their keys on the ground before they went jogging they righteously deserve a walk home.Can you say YOU CANT FIX STUPID.

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    DMN is offline
    Apr 2009
    73 times
    While I can't necessarilly argue with Red, I'm pretty certain we've all done one, or possibly 2, dumb things in our lives. Our best hope is someone like Plymouth is there to lend a hand. Deserves the H.M. Nice job.

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    Mar 2012
    N. Middle Tennessee
    Fisher 1266x & 1280 Aquanaut, White's XLT
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    Nice job Kent!

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    Aug 2012
    Minelab CTX3030, E-TRAC, ProFind25, Garrett Pro Pointer
    111 times
    Metal Detecting
    Nice job!! I returned a wallet once only to have the guy say cool, and get back in his car, no thank you... nada. But I knew it was the right thing to do! 2 years later I lost mine with 200 bucks in it and the guy drove 15 miles to my doorstep and handed it back to me. I insisted on giving him $50 and he refused and said the same thing happened to him, and now it was his turn!! KARMA's a wonderful thing!!

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    Northern California

    Aug 2007
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    In my way of looking at things I believe Strateloss hit the nail on the head. You've done the right thing all the way around and your deeds will honor you. Thank you for sharing as this is my first "YES" of this day...........63bkpkr
    Out searching w/GMT & friend under my arm

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    Jun 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by plymouthian12 View Post
    He said he tossed them on the side of a cranberry bog so he wouldnt have to carry them as he jogged
    so instead of keeping them on his person, he throws down his keys to his vehicle and home just so he won't have to carry them? sounds like a moron to me. that's what they make fanny packs and strap on wrist wallets for.

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    Jan 2013
    Kalamazoo co. MI
    1 Minelab CTX3030, 2 Garrett AT Gold, Garrett ACE 350, 2 Bounty Hunter tracker IV,BH Junior, 2 Garrett pro pointers a family adventure!!
    650 times
    Metal Detecting
    Great job, you also presented the "Hobby" in a good light! HH


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