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Thread: 2 CARAT DIAMOND RING...a kind, old gentleman, and a few tears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
    What a beautiful ring and an even more impressive story. My hat is off to you, Sir! Great job!
    Old Dude...thanks for the comment and good luck hunting.

    Quote Originally Posted by 46Wheat View Post
    Wow karma will visit you with a big hug .
    Thanks, 46Wheat...take care.

    Quote Originally Posted by MUD(S.W.A.T) View Post

    I almost teared up a little... That was a touching story, great recovery, beautiful ring... I'm going to give Honorable mention vote for this for sure !!
    Thanks MUD...nice to hear from you...and thanks for responding.
    Quote Originally Posted by MUD(S.W.A.T) View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by DeepseekerADS View Post
    May your Karma be even greater - an incredibly generous and kind thing you did there Sir!
    Thanks, Deepseeker...much appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by villagenut View Post
    It was priceless for me as well because I made a new friend....Herky got to chase squirrels...I was able to enjoy the hobby I love....and the look on the gentleman's face was something I'll always cherish.
    Quote Originally Posted by villagenut View Post
    Now that's a treasure, You did good!
    Thanks, friend.[/SIZE]

    Quote Originally Posted by gold nuggets View Post
    Good to hear that you have been rejuvenated Mr. B. and resumed hunting with your detector again.
    That is one fine looking gold ring that you recovered and returned. In the process, you made someone
    extremely happy. Well done and good karma to you. Hi to Herkie for me........
    Hi Richard. Thanks...and nice to hear from you my friend. I'll definitely give Herky a hug for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by pepperj View Post
    Good on ya for finding the ring and posting up the story of the return, see good Karma is already playing its part as you've got a lifelong memory to smile back upon, a treasure.

    It's good to hear that you're just swinging the coil instead of always testing the discs out, that alone would take a whole lot of pleasure out of the whole equation.
    Thanks, Pepper....it was a much needed break from it.

    Quote Originally Posted by WheatWaffle View Post
    Amazing story!

    Quote Originally Posted by BigWaveDave View Post
    Yes, good job by you!!!
    Sooooo... tell us more about the coins... any keepers?
    Thanks, Dave. I did find 3 wheaties and 2 Mercs...along with some clad.

    Quote Originally Posted by Showtime2385 View Post
    to you!

    Quote Originally Posted by coinman123 View Post
    Congrats on the return, I just returned a wallet earlier today.
    Thanks, coinman...and congrats on the wallet return.

    Quote Originally Posted by JerV3 View Post
    That's awesome man. Glad to see your doing well and still lurking. I don't post much any more either. I look daily but rarely post. I'm making great finds everyday though still. With your expertise with minelab could you give me a list of the best aftermarket coils for the etrac. I know you've spent a lot of time with there products.
    That ring is beautiful. Did the guy keep it
    Take care good to see ya again
    Hi, Jer...Thanks and nice to hear from you. I like the 10 x 12 SEF coil and the 6" excelerator coil on the E-trac. Yep...the guy kept the ring...and I left feeling blessed.

    Quote Originally Posted by lookindown View Post
    That ring is incredible...great return...congrats.
    Thank you, friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by MichiganMan View Post
    Now that is one of the most awesome stories on T-Net. You ROCK Silver!
    Thanks, MichiganMan...much appreciated. Thanks for the comment.
    My field test of the Sunray X-5 coil is published in the May 2010 Issue of Western & Eastern Treasures.

    My field test of the Sunray X-12 Coil is published in the June 2010 Issue of Western & Eastern Treasures.

    My field test of the Coiltek 5x7 Coil is published in the July 2012 Issue of Western & Eastern Treasures.

    My "Deep Coin" Explorer settings, and finds are published in Andy Sabisch's Minelab Explorer & E-Trac Handbook.

    Here's the story of my BEST FIND EVERhttp://www.treasurenet.com/forums/be...find-ever.html

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    Wow ! Great to see you back Bryce ! and with such a great find/story - and Hercules back with you (obviously)

    ( I've really missed your detailed hunt reports - seems like you were finding Seated dimes more often than the rest of us find "Rosies" )
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    Banner Job Bryce on the find and return!! Thanks for sharing the Great story and priceless moments...

    I just honestly needed a break from the business side of the hobby. It has been so wonderful the last many months just to enjoy the peace and solace that comes with putting the headphones on, instead of testing coils/detectors, experimenting, making notes, compiling results, different setting trials, etc. The fun part of that for me was to put all of my findings and opinions into a worded form for the company...especially if it was going into an article which was going to be in Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine....or if the company was just simply going to use my article for their website

    I just did the same thing, found that I love the modding and testing side of it, But I love the hunting treasure side more and doing my own testing on my own ideas.
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    wonderful, wonderful story!and
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    Nov 2010
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    Beautiful return after hours of search - Wonderful Andi
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    So good to see you posting. I haven't posted for a while either till last week...and almost forgot how. lol But what a wonderful story to tell. Beautiful ring and a happy friend! WTG!
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    That was an awesome find and great job returning!
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    Its not what detector you own, its what you do with it!

    Apr 2011
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    Great story there !! Its a great thrill to be able to return something that means so much !!
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