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Thread: First ring return

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    Jun 2012
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    First ring return

    Hello All, it was a very busy summer for me and I was only able to get in the water a couple of times all season without much luck. A few weeks ago I was out in the water and finally dug a small gold wedding band. It was marked 10K so I felt pretty good until later I looked at it and is 10K G.F. (Gold filled), anyways I was a little disappointed.

    I got out last Saturday for short while and only found .02 cents and some assorted trash, so on Sunday I had my scoop and detector by the back door in case I wanted to get out. Instead I just hung out and the beach with family and neighbors and by 5pm, didn't plan on doing any detecting that day. One of my neighbors noticed a few people from the hotel next door in the water apparently looking for something. A few minutes later a young woman (early 20's) comes up to our group and asks if we find a ring please let the hotel know because they dropped a wedding ring and they were leaving the next day. Of course everyone in our group volunteered my services immediately.

    So apparently the couple had been married for just a month and the husband lost his weeding band in about 3 feet of water. They did have a pretty good idea where they lost it, in about a 30X30 foot search area. The woman was pretty upset, I told her I would do my best, but it wasn't making any promises. Anyway I found it a few inches down in some muck after about 10 minutes. She was so thrilled and started to cry, the husband who was looking rather sheepish through the whole time, was quite relieved.

    The ring itself was just a plain titanium band, but obviously had great value to the couple. One of neighbors remarked that she asked the right person on the beach and she said the hotel had told her someone in my condo complex had a detector, so in her desperation she came over.

    I was rewarded with a couple of Apple ciders (they were out of beer) and a large 3 musketeers bar. Unfortunately the girl was so happy she ran off to collect my reward before my wife could snap a photo of the moment.

    Anyways the whole episode made me feel good and was easily my best water find of a short season. I'd like to think I banked some good karma for future hunts.


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    Good Job!!!
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    Good job

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    Looks like the hotel is sending you some good business.....Congrats!
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    I'm sure she was one happy lady, not to mention her husband. Super deed!

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    PullTabPete has a nice ring to it...

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