[HONORABLE MENTION] Couple of night hunts, Gold Ring #15 Found and Returned!
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Thread: Couple of night hunts, Gold Ring #15 Found and Returned!

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    Jul 2012
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    Ring Couple of night hunts, Gold Ring #15 Found and Returned!

    The winds have been KICKING here for the last two days (bit less now) and leaving quite a bit of clad all along the beach. The first night out netted $7.03 in clad and a junk earring, not stellar but gas money anyway. Last night was a bit better!

    I was going down pretty early to hunt the damp as the tide went out and I remembered that Max, Denny, Ina and some members of the local MD club had been out looking for a white gold, men's band over the last three weeks and I didn't think it had been found. I called Denny to confirm it was still missing and got the details on the location and stopped there on my way to the oceanfront. My first impression of the beach was, "holy c***" there was trash all over! The higher tides and wind had blown so many bottle caps and aluminum cans up onto the dry sand you could see them on the surface and sticking up everywhere. Ok, no sweat, supposedly lost in the water so I hit the damp sand. After 30 mins of back and forth in VERY soft newly deposited sand and not finding much it was obvious the conditions weren't exactly "favorable". I moved to the top of the beach and was going to head out, following my tracks in (the beach all looks the same in this area) and thought I'd move off to the side of my original path and hunt on my way out, despite the trash all over the place. I moved only a few feet and the first signal I get is a 12.09 and 2" on the CTX! "No way" I'm thinking, has to be a piece of aluminum or something right? LOL NOPE! I move the coil expecting to see a piece of a pulltab or bent bottle cap there on the beach but what I found was the top 1/3 of a white gold wedding band sicking up out of the sand! Couldn't believe the luck! I knew it couldn't be a coincidence (and I still checked the area for more good stuff but nuthin but trash...) and got a hold of Max, Denny and Ina to see if it was the one. BINGO! It was!

    I contacted the owner Todd who worked close by and we were able to meet up at a local store. He told me that he had been at the beach with his children and thinks it may have slipped off his finger while he was washing the sand off one of them in the water. He hunted all over to no avail then called in the cavalry (COL Ina leading the charge) and some of the local hunters descended on the spot but still no luck. I know Max and Denny looked a few times as well but this thing was pretty elusive. I just got lucky, right place, right time. Todd was extremely happy to get his ring back and I think it meant a lot to him and his family. I was glad to have helped out!

    The rest of that night was pretty much a repeat of the night before, hunted for about 5 hours, only ran into one other looter, Ricky, and he had about the same, clad, sunglasses and not much else. I did manage one cool find that was a first for me, a coin ring! At first I thought it might be a pipe fitting as it was slightly tapered and thinner on one side but when I got it home and cleaned up I saw the writing inside "John Adams 2nd President 1797-1801" ! Pretty cool! You could see the obverse side of the coin on the outside of the ring. Someone made it from one of the 2007 presidential dollar coins. It was a home made jobber, you could see tool/vice grip marks on it. Take home was $6.57 in clad and a top off of the karma level, hoping to cash in on the next hunt! Good luck all!
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    May 2013
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    Great Job Doc!!!
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    Good save Doc!! Between you and Mr. Max no lost gold is safe!!
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    Oct 2010
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    Great story and nice set of finds! Definitely an Honorable Mention!
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    Sep 2014
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    WTG, very cool
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    You should get good Juju from that! Good job dude.
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