[HONORABLE MENTION] A lost wedding ring found and returned = a very happy gentleman!
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Thread: A lost wedding ring found and returned = a very happy gentleman!

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    A lost wedding ring found and returned = a very happy gentleman!

    So I had the absolute pleasure of making my first ring return yesterday morning. Here is the story...

    A few weeks ago I was hunting a local lake swim area and did great with 3 gold rings this day among other items. While yakkin' with one of the lifeguards, he mentioned that a fella had lost a wedding ring about two weeks prior. I asked if he had any type of description and he said that it was just a plain round gold wedding band. I told him that I hadn't found anything like that but because I now knew of a missing ring, I would be happy to full on grid out the area and search again. So I spent an additional 4 hours looking for this ring after the 5 hours I already hunted. No ring...clean as a whistle. So a little disappointed in myself, I spoke to the lifeguard again and asked if I could have the person's contact information and he gave it to me. Later, I learned that I would be coming back to the area for other reasons and decided to call this person and see if I could get any more information about the ring and the location that he lost it. On the phone I explained to him that the lifeguard said you had lost a standard round gold wedding band but that if there was any other details that it could really help. Well he said first of all it's not round it's square shaped and what is called a rounded square. I giggled inside because I found that ring! I knew it was the one I found. Anyhow, I asked him if he could meet me at the location to show me exactly where he thought he might have lost it and he said he would meet me at 10am. When he showed up, I walked to the shore, shook his hand and introduced myself. I asked if he could point to the area that he feels he might have lost it and while he was pointing, I slipped the ring on the end of my index finger and began pointing along with him....he didn't see it. So I touched my finger on his and then he saw it and yelled, "WHAT THE HELL?" YOU FOUND IT! And he just stood there with his jaw wide open. Then his jaw began to quiver. I asked him to put the ring on and he did and clasped his hands together....Thank you, wow, thank you, wow, etc...I talked to him for a few more moments asking him how he felt, how long he had been married etc. Married for 27 years and his wife has the exact same ring. They had them custom made. Then he said "Don't move!" And he sprinted out of sight for a few minutes. Upon returning, he shoved a fifty dollar bill in my hand. I told him that he didn't have to do that, but he insisted...Anyhow, I let him know that this is what us metal detectorist's do....we love being able to reunite lost items with their owners. I told him that I was happy to help the story of this ring continue and we parted ways.
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    There is something truly exhilarating about digging an item of remarkable value out of the ground.

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    Sorry Honey, I canít. Iíve got plans with my metal detector.

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    Great story, a great return!....
    And after 27 years, looks like the guys wife gave up on dressing her man....look at those loud shorts!

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    Great play-by-play ! Good on you ! They're going to save you a place up there right next to Mother Teresa @ the pearly gates. Congratz ! Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of a "who-dunnit-mystery" solved.

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    Great recovery and return !!! Sounds like you had a very good day, that day !! Congratulations !!
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    Well done, sir!

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    Congratulations to you and owner of the ring! Awesome job, and you're outstanding person! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Wishing you many blessings.

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    Great Story and connection.
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