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Thread: It Wasnt Snow Much Fun!.....

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    It Wasn't Snow Much Fun!.....

    ....for this newly engaged (and embarrassed) young lady when her engagement ring came off during a snowball fight with her wedding party outside a restaurant in the heavy snow that fell in the Detroit area yesterday. When I spoke with her she hadn't slept all night and wasn't for sure where they were but she thought it came off between the 2 buildings. She txted me a pic of the ring so I had an idea of what the MXT would say when I sweep over it based on prior rings similar to hers. As always when I'm looking for items in the snow at commercial properties, I print an aerial pic of the area without snow to look for drains/catch basins just so I know their proximity when I'm searching as I would not want to accidentally push the lost item anywhere near them. I told her it was important to start searching quickly due to the restaurant owners wanting to move snow around, so she didn't care if I got started w/o her. When I got on site there was about 5-6 inches of snow and drifts. I got the MXT set up and gridded the area, the overloaded signals were those metal drain lids which I knew from the aerial. As I lifted the coil higher off the lid to check for a smaller signal nothing appeared which prior to this on other hunts the MXT would have showed me if the ring was there. A few more minutes of the coil cutting thru the snow and just a few feet away from an open cover drain lid this beautiful white gold ring was peeking back at me from the cold abyss below! The nice young lady was immediately enroute with her friend to meet me and place her new ring back where it belonged! She was so happy and this made her holidays extra special being able to show the ring off to the family's soon!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RFdbnWhtAuAsIs12-14-17.jpg 
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    "Let Thy Hand, Oh God, guide me through the ways Thou seest are needed for those that seek to know Thy way through any effort of mine."

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    I love to read posts like yours! Well done!

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    Great job!!!

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    Way to go!
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    "And so the population was gradually led into the demoralising temptations of arcades, baths, and sumptuous banquets. The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as 'civilisation', when in fact they were only a feature of their enslavement." Tacitus, Roman Senator and Historian, written AD 98.

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    A job well done with a happy ending!
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    Ice on Ice....nicely done sir
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    Wow .. you saved the day !
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    "Ice"-ly done! Ring hunting is "snow" fun in the winter, but you came through! Congrats on a great save...Ddf.
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    Congrats on helping a damsel in distress find that beautiful ring.
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    Hello to all and thank you for your kind words and thoughts!
    Happy Holidays!
    "Let Thy Hand, Oh God, guide me through the ways Thou seest are needed for those that seek to know Thy way through any effort of mine."

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    Very cool, thank you for sharing!
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    Thats really nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by A2coins View Post
    Thats really nice
    Thank You A2coins!
    "Let Thy Hand, Oh God, guide me through the ways Thou seest are needed for those that seek to know Thy way through any effort of mine."


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