[HONORABLE MENTION] Found wallet in Illinois = One happy man from Florida !
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Thread: Found wallet in Illinois = One happy man from Florida !

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    Found wallet in Illinois = One happy man from Florida !

    Not using a metal detector yesterday, but always searching with my eyes. I spotted a wallet laying in the middle of the road as I was returning from one of my customers. Opened it up to get an address, and saw the 75 year old owner lived in Florida. No, it couldnt be as easy as walking it up to the house I found it in front of ! I drove up and down the street hoping to find a vehicle in a driveway with Florida Plates on it. No such luck. Continued searching the wallet, which held a Drivers License, SS card, 5 credit cards, A tiny copy of his wedding certificate, AARP card, Sams Club card, Medicare card and 3 - $2.00 bills. This thing was an identity thieves delight. Got home from work, and jumped on the internet. After a half hour search, I came up with someone that had the same last name, and only lived 2 blocks from where I found the wallet. My wife and I made the 15 minute drive to the town, and as I was rounding the corner, there sat a van in the driveway with Florida Plates ! This just had to be the owner. Knocked on the door, and a lady in her 70's answered. I asked if David ------- lived or was staying in the home. She said yes and by then he was at the door. Seeing his face match the Drivers License picture, I knew I had just found the owner. He said if he had some cash he would offer it to me. I said I didnt want anything more than a picture which he was happy to take. The smile on his and his wife's face was reward enough. By the way, they were visiting their son and he had set it on the roof of his van and left the driveway. When he went around a corner 2 blocks away, it fell off onto the road. 800 miles, yet only 15 minutes away! What a feel good moment! The man was born the same year ( 1943) and only one month apart from my own dad, who I lost almost 3 years ago.
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    WTG. Good effort, and results!
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    Sounds like a Honorable Mention to me!!! Well done
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    Sounds honorable to me! There is something so rewarding about doing right and good and not expecting anything in return. Great story, picture, and deed. Thank You!
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    Good story great ending. Good to know there are still a few honest people left.

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    Great story!
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    Good deed my friend. Makes everyone feel good. Congrats
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    Happy ending. Congrats
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    Thunter, with all the craziness and horrible stuff going on around us in our country and the world as a whole, it is great to hear of a story such as this. Well done sir. Even though we have never met, you are a good and honest man. There used to be an old saying when gentlemen met. It was: " You're reputation proceeds you". Well sir, "You're reputation proceeds you". A great ending to a great story. Now this is news! Good news.
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    Mega Kudos to you, I love reading stories with happy endings. Enjoy the elation of the good deed, it's a great feeling.
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    well done
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