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Thread: Another 4 ring day plus a couple in need

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    Apr 2017
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    Another 4 ring day plus a couple in need

    I went to the beach for an extremely long hunt. I get there for low tide and my second target is the 925 ring with the purple stone. I did a small grind around the ring and found nothing else so I just kept walking. I zigzag all over till I made it the spot that where I have been finding all my coins for the last two hunts. I hunted that place for a few hours and pulled about $5 in change. After I wasnít getting anymore signals I decided to head back from where I came. I decided to head over to the dry sand and also dump all my junk in the trash. As soon as I got to the trash can I get a loud signal and the necklace pops out, unfortunately thereís no markings but at least itís not magnetic. I keep making my way to where I parked pulling a penny here and there. As Iím chugging along at a much slower paced now since Iím exhausted I have this guy run up to me. He tells me that his fiancť lost her ring last night, they looked for it with the phone light but it was too late already. They came back very early morning with sifters trying to find but to no available. They already have a section mapped out where they think it was lost so I get to work. I decide to go a little beyond where they thought it was lost but they tell me that they donít believe it would be anywhere else. After two passes in different directions I havenít found anything. I tell the guy Iím going to try going towards the water and outside their perimeter, by this time I can tell the wife is really sad and she walks away to try and trace here steps and see if she didnít lose it somewhere else. A few minutes after she leaves and ten feet from where they thought it was lost a get a really nice gold tone on the Excalibur and out pops outs their ring. Heís very excited and hugs me and tries to wave his back but. She comes back quickly and sees the ring and immediately hugs with excitement. The ring belonged to his mom so it meant a great deal to both. I ended up with about $8 in change, two junk rings, one 925 ring, the necklace and a story to share. Thanks for reading and happy hunting.

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    Nov 2013
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    Great story. Itís great to give back once in a while. Good karma will be coming your way! You deserve it! Congrats
    If you don't look for it you won't find it!! So get out there and dig it.

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    Todd In Lutz FL

    Apr 2014
    Lutz FL
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    Great Return and what a beautiful ring
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    Oct 2014
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    Great hunt and finds!

    Congratualtions on the find/return
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    Jan 2015
    Baltimore, Maryland
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    Super hunt! You did well, Congrats!
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    Standing Firm in the Faith, Wherever I May Roam- Nothing Else Matters

    Jan 2006
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    Great recovery- job well done!

    -- Jeff --
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    Been there...Dug that

    Mar 2015
    Northern Illinois
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    Good job! I'd say HM. 😁
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    Jan 2015
    North Carolina
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    This should totally get an honorable mention. Do member vote for them like banner? I will but don’t see a link for that. Nice job
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    Aug 2017
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    Nice!!! Congrats!!!
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    Mar 2018
    Todds Point, IL
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    And they still wear their rings to the beach. They'll never learn. Gary
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    Aug 2007
    Western New York
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    Nice finds! Awesome you found their ring! Good job!
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    CTX-3030, Equinox 800

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    Aug 2018
    Shenandoah Valley Va
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    Fabulous finds Racso, and a good deed as well! Congrats and good luck!
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    Sorry Honey, I canít. Iíve got plans with my metal detector.

    Nov 2013
    Mountain Maryland
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    Good job by you!.... another vote for honorable mention submitted.
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    Feb 2014
    Martinsburg, Pa. in the summer and Apache Junction, Az in the winter
    Whites Spectrum XLT, Garrett AT Pro, Macro pinpointer, Garrett carrot pinpointer, Lesch digger, Nel Tornado coil for ATPro, Garret ATMax with Nel Tornado coil
    6148 times
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    Very well done. Congrats on showing how great our hobby can be.
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