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Thread: Ya Gotta Listen!

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    Dec 2014
    Far North Corner of CA
    AT Pro and a Garrett Carrot
    1506 times
    I'm learning
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    Ya Gotta Listen!

    Last weekend my wife asked me if the boyfriend of one of our co-workers could borrow my detector. Of course I said no but also asked why.

    She explained that the young lady had lost an ear ring that was a gift from said boyfriend. The young lady, we'll call her Jacq, was heart broken.

    Jacq said they had scoured the house after finding the earring back inside. She also said she was fairly sure the earring came off in the back yard as she was playing with her dogs the previous day.

    I offered to go to their home and see if I could locate it.

    We were able to coordinate our schedules and I showed up at Jacq's home just before 7:00AM to give it my best effort.

    Jacq showed me to her back yard and produced the matching earring so I could get an idea how it would show up on the AT. While she was there I also asked her to give me an idea where in the yard she had been playing and where she thought it may have come off. "Well"...she began, "we were playing in the whole yard, but mostly near the center".

    It's not a huge yard, maybe 20X20; but it hadn't been mowed since she discovered she had lost the little earring....about a week.

    Stepping into the yard, I began swinging and instantly got a scratchy mid tone close to how the test earring rang up. I thought to myself, "that was easy" as I bent down, parted the long grass and came up with an aged, well chewed, piece of foil. Jacq was standing nearby watching expectantly. I held up the foil and told her it was a false alarm. She laughed and said there were probably a lot more out here as one of her dogs is a counter surfing thief that LOVES to steal anything she can, especially foil from the BBQ/smoker. Yup...lots of false alarms! Her dog is quite a thief apparrently.

    So an hour and a half later and many large and small, even tiny, chewed pieces of foil, I'm starting to think "man, I got to get to work."

    As I was getting ready to schedule another search, I thought to myself, maybe I could send a picture of the matching earring and the yard to forum member teleprospector and ask for some help. Also, thought to myself maybe my wife can come over and search for an impression of where it might be. My wife sometimes "knows things." She is incredibly intuitive.

    As I was thinking about asking teleprospector and my wife for help I began to feel that I needed to focus my last effort of the morning near a sprinkler head just where I had stepped into the yard. I almost shook it off but decided to listen to my hunch.

    I began swinging very near the sprinkler head and got a clear loud tone that was much too strong for a small earring. Damn sprinkler

    But the hunch was strong so I listened to my inner voice and tried what I had read right here on the forum about working near chain link fences. I snuck up on the sprinkler head and got a quiet foil signal just before it changed to that big, loud sprinkler noise. Tried it again and same thing. There was something small very close to the sprinkler!

    Gave it a good wide berth and dug a shallow plug. Sure was happy I listened to my hunch because the missing earring was in the plug. It had been about an inch down and about two inches away from the sprinkler head. It had been ground down into the moist dirt because one's foot just naturally landed right on that spot forcing the earring down into the ground. The earring post had been bent but that was easily repaired because here she is with a smile on her face and a very special piece of jewelry right where it should be.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ear Ring.jpg 
Views:	145 
Size:	31.6 KB 
ID:	1736975Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Jacq.jpg 
Views:	140 
Size:	72.3 KB 
ID:	1736976
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    Jun 2019
    Minelab, Fisher
    727 times
    Well done...
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    I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of itĒ ― Thomas Jefferson

    Apr 2016
    Abita Springs La....Born in New Orleans
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    27876 times
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    Amazing story my friend
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    May 2019
    Garrett AT Pro, Bounty Hunter Tracker IV
    3396 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Good show!
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    Aug 2016
    6889 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Great return, Honorable Mention!
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    Charter Member
    Apr 2018
    Lanesville, IN
    White Coin master 4000 Garrett AT PRO
    2023 times
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    Good job.
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    Feb 2015
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    I got a hunch you are a winner in this game....
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    Dec 2015
    Ann Arbor
    Equinox 800
    42283 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Honorable mention That's funny borrow your detector Ah no!!! Like he would no how to use lol great story...
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    Charter Member
    specjalista od kopania paznokci

    Jun 2017
    Garret ATMAX
    70650 times
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    Good save! Thanks for sharing about all the foil. It's just a reminder to not give up and I am glad you didn't! I am happy you found her earring which had such sentimental value. Definitely and Honorable Mention!
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    Dec 2014
    Far North Corner of CA
    AT Pro and a Garrett Carrot
    1506 times
    I'm learning
    Honorable Mentions (2)
    Thanks All,

    Had it not been for TNet and so many helpful people that hang out here I would not have made the find and return. I've learned a lot just being here and paying attention.

    Reading this post/thread Watching videos payed off! gave me the info and technique I needed to find the little thing!

    So there are a lot of you that get to share the credit for this return.

    Thank You!
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    An Ode
    To William Jefferson Clinton

    He smoked but didn't inhale
    Poked, but didn't impale
    Made aware of the dress
    He was forced to confess
    A snail can't deny his own trail



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