Parking Lot
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    Dec 2006
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    Parking Lot

    Getting out of my car at Wal-Mart, I looked down and thought someone had dropped their credit card. I picked it up and it was a Appelbees card. Looked it up on line it had 12.00 on it. We went to movie saw 007 and ate at Appelbees.

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    Re: Parking Lot

    2 things come to mind.

    1. You have made an immediate contribution to the world economy by spending money albeit a small amount and if everyone in the states had spent that small amount in one day then 3 billion dollars in one day would have been consumed to help protect jobs.

    2. If that bit of plastic was not noticed by you but was crushed by a wheel or swept away by nature or a sweeper then that would have been a loss of $ 12 to the economy. Just think how much is lost to landfill, to our oceans or up in smoke . I dare to speculate a Trillion a week of lost revenue from the USA alone .
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    Re: Parking Lot


    Dr. Strangelove! Woohoo!
    "It's the stuff that dreams are made of....."

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    Re: Parking Lot

    People sure seem to find alot of stuff at walmart parking lots!

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    Re: Parking Lot

    Andy Dupree...
    Come check out my MD'ing videos:

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    Re: Parking Lot

    How could you I would have too



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