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    May 2009
    Mercer county, Pa
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    Found money

    I live next door to a small country bar/resturant, when I mow my lawn, I also keep up the area aroung the bar, have an arrangment with the owner
    Mowing today, looked down and seen a dollar bill, over the years my wife and I have found over $50 bucks. Every spring I walk around the parking lot and in the field behind us, never know what I might find.
    A few years ago a car was broken into and a womans purse was stolen, a couple of weeks later they mowed the field for hay and I was walking my dog in the field and found what was left of her purse, money was gone but all her ID and other cards where still in there, State Police said she would be very happy to get those back.
    You never know what you will find.

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    Dec 2008
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    Re: Found money

    I 've found$26 now above the ground this year alone,it did help that I found a $20 bill about a month ago.

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    Mar 2007

    Re: Found money

    Years I worked for a small chain stores, gas station, and truck stops. One of my job pick up trash around the stores. I learned fast any where paper piled up dollars did too. I found 30 to 50 a week.

    I would love to have a key to all the vacs at all the car wash I could make round to twce a week. You all can't beleive what may be in them.

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    Nov 2004
    Rhode Island
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    Re: Found money

    I found some money just yesterday at the movie theater. My teenage daughter works there, and as I was picking her up yesterday, waiting for her to come out, I spotted a dollar bill folded up on the ground in the lot. I got out of the car and grabbed it, and low and belhold, it was $11! The ten was wrapped up inside the one! It pays to look down in parking lots, especially between parked cars. I taught my daughter to look on the theater floor when they're cleaning up after the movie, and she's found money several times. I LOVE FREE MONEY!

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    Jul 2011

    Re: Found money

    This could probably go under the scrap metal section as well, but I was walking in town picking up Al cans, and found a $20 just laying in the grass.
    Yep, good money in picking up Al cans!

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    Apr 2007
    sandusky, ohio
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    Re: Found money

    I've been to plenty of concerts. When the lights come on after the show, i hang around and scan the aisle ways and such. I've found money, brand new Tshirts, wallets, high dollar sunglasses, and other (goodies)!

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    Jun 2011
    Southwest Georgia
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    Re: Found money

    I found a 50 dollar bill in the parkinglot at the lake at Fort Rucker Alabama when I was in the Army. Made a difference in a Private's pay back then. Movies & snacks +. Ten foot away was a bag of weed - Threw that in a dumpster where it belonged.

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    Dec 2006
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    Re: Found money

    I used to work at a shopping mall in, MN, years ago, security, so I was always driving and walking around. one place around one corner of the building, the trash would blow in and get caught in the bushes along with money. Don't know how much I found, but I know it was over 100 bucks



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