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Thread: The Mario Bros. Cops

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    The Mario Bros. Cops

    Not sure if this goes here. Mod's please delete if not.

    In the winter of 1991 I was with a friend at his GF's apartment one night. An argument between lovers got heated and we decided to leave. Outside it was snowing gently after 3 fresh inches had come down that day. My friend flips out and throws his car keys near the street and into the snow. We searched but couldent locate the entry point due to the bad street lighting. We knew the general area, we needed a flashlight.

    I remembered seeing two patrol cars at the corner business parking lot two properties away. Maybe they were still there and would help us out, I thought.

    They were still there at least 40 minutes later parked driver-side to driver-side just as I had seen. As I approached in the dark I could see a glow from inside both cars and hear the sounds of men talking. As I approached closer I went between the cars and noticed a white wire running between their windows.

    "Excuse me, Sir.", I said.

    Both officers nearly soiled themselves as they frantically fumbled their Nintendo Gameboys trying to toss them aside. One ripped the wire into his vehicle and sternly responds, "DON'T EVER SNEAK UP ON US!".

    He tried to open his door. BUMP! He was trapped. DOH!

    They were parked so close they would have had to exit the passenger side in a true emergency had I been a danger. Less than 3 feet.

    Doh! My bad! (sorry to interrupt an LEO gameathon.)

    I apologized, but remained, explained our situation and asked for assistance. He told me to go back to the apartment and wait there for him.

    10 minutes later he shows up with his car and without getting out asks where to shine his spotlight.. Eventually we asked to use his flashlight as he was too far to be effective.

    I watched him get out with his flash light and proceed to intentionally disturb the fresh snow with his shoes, kicking the snow around. After a few minutes of totally jacking up the area he says, "I have to go. Good luck."

    Officer Mario abruptly jumped in his car and left. He didn't have to go. He was just being a ....mule-hole.

    I couldn't believe my eyes.

    We never found them. My friend had to have a spare set brought to us.
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