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Thread: Big brown bear on my back porch last night

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    I went down to and opened the back door = raining out there right now = no bear in sight. I absolutely would have talked to him if he were there. Looks like a miserable night of rain. I pray the bear will be okay. I do love critters. That bear may at some point hurt me, but I'll always forgive him/her. What else do I have at this point except for love of all critters around me? I am completely Christian. To me, it is all about having a clean soul.
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    That is a black bear. Brown bears are grizzlies and none live in VA or any other east coast state, they are a strictly northwestern bear. I had a bunch of black bears in my yard for several years. My bro in law is a wildlife biologist in AK who studies large mammals and he says the black bears are actually more dangerous then grizzlies because they are less predictable. Don't feed or interact with them, they can be very dangerous. When they were around my place I kept a 45-70 rifle near the door as my neighbor had a five year old daughter who liked to run around and scream while she played outside while her mom sat inside watching reality TV. Never had to use the rifle but I did carry it out when I saw a big bear on the property and the little girl running around and I went to get her back in her house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepseekerADS View Post
    Hey Reb my friend! I'd not named the bear yet, but Benji seems just fine. It's dark out right now, time for me to go downstairs to pee. I'll look out and see if the bear is there
    HA! Good to "see" you, again; just don't pee on Benji... might not be amused. You COULD "mark" your spot... heh.


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