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    Feb 2007
    Arlington Heights, IL
    Whites V3 and XLT
    710 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    From this past week

    Well, Neil got me motivated to clean up some stuff from this past week so as long
    as I was rained in, I figured now's as good of a time as any to post a few finds.

    (Just keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder )

    I'm sure we've all found a few axe heads during our hunts and most likely either
    tried GIVING them to another hunter (and let them carry the weight ) or just
    ended up pitching them in one of the trash cans by the car at the end of the hunt.
    However, this one I couldn't pass up. It just looked. . . cute. . . in an "older" sort of way.
    (Plus, it wasn't too heavy to carry around).

    And next to the axe head is something else that I'm sure we've all dug but
    probably never taken the time to unfold. The aluminum toppers for all those
    broken, "wide-mouth" milk bottles we always see scattered in the woods.
    Anyway, here's what a Borden's "Grade A" Irradiated and Pasteurized Vitamin D
    Milk topper looks like unfolded. And it has to be sold before Noon on Thursday.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_0443.JPG 
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    The most rewarding thing I found this past week was a "flattened" oval-shaped
    penny from the "Century of Progress" held in Chicago in 1933. It's in rough
    shape but it's been something on my wish list for a long time.

    In addition to the 1956 Rabies Tag, a 1917 Merc and a 1923 Wheat, is
    an enameled pin (military?) with the motto "Up and at 'em" at the bottom.
    Has anyone seen one like this?

    That's it. . . thanks for looking!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_0444.JPG 
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    Jul 2003
    Fishers 1235X-8" CZ-20/21-8" F-70-11"DD GC1023
    52 times

    Re: From this past week

    Nice axe Mark! Very old I'm guessing. Much better than that huge behemoth you found out near the incinerator/enigma in the woods. You know, the one you wanted someone else to carry out! (Like me or Mayo)

    Anyhow, leave it to you to actually recover and ID that milk foil, I think that is awesome too!

    Pending the weather, I'm going to spend this morning over at the equine trails woods and hit one of the distant farmsites for a couple hours. That is if I can make it there w/o getting misdirected and lost as usual..... It's just so easy to get redirected by something as simple as a piece of glass or a birdsong.

    But eh, it's the 21st century, they can find my moulting husk in days, these days....

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    Nov 2007
    White's Matrix M6 w/ Sun-Ray DX-1, 950 coil and 6x10 DD, Minelab Excalibur II, Garrett Ace 250, Garmin Etrex GPS
    1 times

    Re: From this past week

    Mark, one of the perks about hunting with you is that you truly appreciate all the relics I find! More than I do. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am a coin guy. BUT, those relics are pretty cool, and of course I'd never pass up Native American artifacts!

    Nice finds!

    "Go deep or go home" - LAdigger

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    Apr 2006
    AVATAR: MY Wife Saying.... "Your going Metal Detecting
    251 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Re: From this past week

    Nice job on the silver....
    Cool milk cap...now go find the bottle....

    GOTTA LOVE THIS HOBBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Happy Hunting from Des Plaines IL ( D P Bob )

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    Apr 2008
    Moronica, northwest of Chicago.
    E-trac & Bounty Hunter Land Star
    21 times

    Re: From this past week

    Great finds, Mark!!!

    Funny how that Merc thought that hiding behind a booze bottle cap would save it from you!

    I wish I'd found that '56 dog tag!

    I think "Up and at 'em". is the motto of an air pursuit group. The question is, which one and how old is it? Great find!!!
    God bless our veterans! Thank you for your sacrifices!

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    Jun 2008
    30 times

    Re: From this past week

    Great group of coins and relics

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    Apr 2009
    Chicago, Il
    Minelab Etrac & Minelab Excal II

    Re: From this past week

    Great finds Mark. Like Joe said, your appreciate for all relics, as well as coins, is certainly a perk of hunting with you! Finding the foil top to one of those milk bottles is probably a rarer find than an intact bottle itself. Way to go!

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    Don't Drag Your Feet!

    May 2008
    Montgomery, IL
    Minelab E-TRAC w/Sunray X-1
    1 times

    Re: From this past week

    Cool relics Mark! Congrats on the wilver too... oh no, there I've gone and said it. 6 more months of hearing it from everyone while we are cooped up this winter.

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    No sidewalks? No problem!

    Feb 2007
    South Elgin IL
    Metal Detecting

    Re: From this past week

    I guess I never paid attention to it or never saw it before but I find it interesting that a rabies tag for dogs would be part of the Dept. of Agriculture. Is it that way still?

    And speaking of stills, THAT'S what I think that incinerator out in the middle of nowheresville really was. I think it was part of a huge still and that would explain the zillion bottle caps I found around it.
    Now if we could just find the burried cache of booze...
    When I'm not cutting up turf, I'm cutting styrofoam at http://www.designcutters.com

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    May 2008
    DFX -10x12 SEF, 300mm, 10"DD, 6x10DD, Sunray DX-1
    31 times

    Re: From this past week

    Nice finds Mark! I'd love to dig any item from a Chicago fair.

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    OUTLAW 007

    May 2009
    17 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Honorable Mentions (1)

    Re: From this past week




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