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    Jan 2010
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    Finally some good stuff today!!

    Before I get to the goodies, I'd like to start with a warning...WATCH YOUR FINGERS WHEN DIGGING!!! The first pic below is a prime example of what can happen if you get careless while digging. I was digging a signal that I thought might be a coin. Not wanting to risk scratching the item if it was a coin, I used my "tried and true" method for digging in hard soil. I used my Lesche only to loosen the hard soil, and did the actual digging with my hands. While attempting to free an object I thought might be a "goodie", I got said nasty injury. The object I was digging turned out to be a broken bottle neck with the metal cap still attached. While prying at the hard soil with my hands, a section of the broken end (VERY sharp!!!) rammed my right middle finger and jammed itself UNDERNEATH my nail. While not a serious injury, it was nonetheless VERY painful and resulted in me losing part of the nail on that finger. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN DIGGING AND WATCH OUT FOR BROKEN GLASS AND OTHER SHARP OBJECTS!!!!

    Now on to the goodies...I headed out bright and early today (before 6 am) determined to find some goodies and beat the heat. I have been finding silver, but it has been only Washingtons and Roosies, hence the lack of posts. My first stop was a local high school that opened its doors in 1910. Imagine my disappointment when, upon arriving, I found the gates locked (front area is surrounded with fencing). Tried to go next door to the athletic field, but it was riddled with no trespassing signs, and I didn't want to risk it.

    I decided to return to the spot where I had the 6 silver day last year (and missed a dime grand slam by only one year). I was hoping that there were still some goodies hiding here.

    Boy was I right!! About 4 1/2 hours of hunting got me the following goodies: 3 silver dimes ('03 Barber FIRST HOLE!!! ; '45, '45s mercs); one indian ('02), two V nickels (1893, 1894; my oldest dug V's ever!!), 4 wheats (not pictured); and a Palmolive soap cake buy one get one free token (I have been wanting one of these for a long time). Clad (not pictured) totaled just under $1.

    Pics are below. Enjoy!! I hope everyone is staying cool in this heat!!
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    May 2012
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    Yikes on the cut!! I have gloves but hate to wear them. My hands are a bit bigger than the average female so women's gloves never fit right with the fingers being too short etc. But if I get men's gloves the length is great but then the palm area is bulky. Would prefer to have nothing and started out that way but then almost got ripped open and so into my constricting gloves I go. Now if I could only figure out how to not get poison ivy lol Severely allergic and somehow got it even with sleeves on =(

    Enough of the griping! Great finds! I am sooooo jealous of you finding that Palmolive token tho, not sure it's worth going out and doing any metal detecting tomorrow you have ruined my ambition and will to live.....................

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    presidential campaign items, 1860 JOHN BELL-EDWARD EVERETT tin type pic token, 1888 Benjamin Harrison pin. 1876 CENTENNIAL REVOLUTIONARY WAR MEDAL WITH BARON VON STEUBEN AND GENERAL GEORGE WASHINGTON. CW RELICS 1864 Union store card,3 I,1 R, eagle buttons

    Dec 2008
    Minelab Safari, Garrett pro pointer, bounty hunter 202 with a 10in magnum coil, Automax pinpointer,
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    nice Vs and silver!!!! i always were my gloves.... MR TUFF
    oldest dug 1784 half real, 1831 William IIII. 1844 1/6 Skilling. 1834,51,54,72,76cc,77,84-87,89,92,93o,94o,96,97-99o,1900o-11,13 Dimes. 1854,56,76s,94,99,1902,06,09d,11,15s Qtrs. 1864,65 2cent. 79,83cc Morgan. 1867,68,69,70,75,82,87,88,90,91,93,95,97,98,1900,0 2,04-09,11,12d Nickles. 1848,56,59,61,63-69,73-75,81-85-09 Cent.

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    May 2010
    Santa Monica, CA
    etrac, ACE 250
    38 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    love the glove. Nice digs Paul.



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