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Thread: lack of response

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    Aug 2011
    79 times

    lack of response

    what is going on it doesnt look like anybody even looks at the posts anymore looks like all the talk is about complaing about something or other what hppened this forum was about what we found you take the time to show pictures and the only you get one or two responses but we hear all about other issues we have no control over i think that if you dont want to hunt because its dry or hot or whatever thats fine dont but how about giving some of us some slack because we still are able to just my two cents dennis

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    May 2011
    Dekalb, IL
    E-Trac w/Sunray X-1 Probe & Auvio wireless headphones
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    I agree with you but unfortunately the world feeds on negativity. Take the stock market and the media for example. They both pay people a lot of money to predict the doom and gloom. I don't have a lot of time to hunt right now because of work but I am still getting out a few hours a week and enjoying it. Happy hunting to all!
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    Dec 2009
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    speaking only for myself, i try not to dig in such dry conditions. i've seen what the parks look like. brown spots all over. not a good immage for detecting overall. sure there are some that will continue to dig in parks, i'm not one of those. others dig in wooded areas. i dug 2 grass plugs in my yard 4 weeks ago, guess what, there dead now. i for one don't reply to posts from others that continue to dig in parks during dry conditions, i don't agree with the practice. there may be others that dig and don't post finds during dry conditions to avoid negative comments. sure we all can dig in dry parks, but that is a good reason for park districts to ban detecting. just my opinion but who cares about that, i'm not trying to offend anywone. woodchips for me for now.

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    Aug 2011
    79 times
    i guess i dont like being singled out i know i hunted with a few people just last week i dont have a problem with that but where i go i have no problems i get along just fine with the caretaker dennis

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    May 2010
    Santa Monica, CA
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    40 times
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    Hey Dennis - don't take it personal. I know this is your first summer on this board but it happens every year. People have lots of other stuff going on this time of year and they don't check the forums as often. Keep hunting and finding the good stuff and remember, it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks of your finds as long as your happy with them.

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    May 2012
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    Folks in a hurry,reply burnout maybe. Nice finds. I know your earning them but heres a complaint,your spanking me on those coins! Really great though.i,m slacking off on fishing trying to finish hunting last winters research. Easy to rush past posts. Nothing personal. H.H.

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    Jul 2003
    Fishers 1235X-8" CZ-20/21-8" F-70-11"DD GC1023
    57 times
    Well I tell ya, I knew of "Old Bennet" well before I ever met ya. Hunted some of the great old spots out your way long ago also. Unfortunately that was after you'd been there. There were a few other old Jedi, Yeti or Mystic MD'ers around here also. You get no complaints from me. If you take anything I say that way, just tell me to shut up and sit down. I will.

    But in case you're wondering where my pics are, here's one from today, a nice old TT Jeep, about 5" deep, with all four tires intact! I put it in front of those Teat Chillers I found out your way last year. Good thing there's pair, came in handy in yesterday's heat.

    Name:  Jeep TT3.JPG
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    Apr 2006
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    This IL forum has gone down hill the 18 months. It use to be rock'n.
    I don't respond to many post and I really could get a S**% if people respond to mine.
    I post so people can see a pic or 2 . I like to look at the pics more so then responding to a post.
    I haven't been out to much this year cause of the dry conditions so I don't post pics as much.

    It is pretty prosthetic how bad the IL section has gotten with people dropping off it like flies.

    GOTTA LOVE THIS HOBBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Happy Hunting from Des Plaines IL ( D P Bob )

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    Dec 2006
    Watseka, Illinois
    Nokta Fors Core, X pointer, Sunrays
    48 times
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Dec 2009
    Northern, IL
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    I've been hunting the woods, mosquitos you can hear coming , sweating like a horse ,carrying 4 bottles of water and so dark under the canopy I can't see the dates on my finds until I get back to the car. But I love it, I miss the nail field but it will rain someday.............I hope!!! Oh and I am totally guilty of posting and not replying sorry bout that



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