Abandoned Towns of Wapello County
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    Abandoned Towns of Wapello County

    Abandoned Towns of Wapello County

    Alphin--, A post office, 1860-72, in Washington Township.
    Amador, A hamlet, Adams Township.
    Ansturdam, According to note of the 1843 survey by William Vandever, this town was in Center
    Township about two miles northwest of the Ottumwa business section.
    Ashland, A town of importance on the stage line, having several stores, an academy and a few hundred
    population. It was in
    Washington Township, about three miles north of Eldon. Post office 1844-80.
    Ashland Crossing. The first name of Williamsburg which was later named Eldon.
    Ayersville. A town reported by William Vandever in his survey notes in 18-in Center Township in the
    same location as the town later called Port Richmond.
    Bear Creek, A station on the C.M. and St. P. Railway about four miles west of Ottumwa. It had a post
    office by the same Name from 1909-1914.
    Bladensburg. A village laid out in 1853, Pleasant Township, Post office 1855-1906
    Bryson. A post office in 1872 at a location on or near that of the later station, Cliffland.
    Burton. A station on the Wabash Railway in Keokuk Township, shown on maps of 187801880.
    Dhristiansburg. A hamlet in Polk Township, post office, 1850-72.
    Columbia. A post office from 1846-49, the name changed to Fountain, Spring in 1849.
    Competine. The name of the post office 1851-1903 at the town of Marysville
    Comstock. The early name of Kirkville Station; also name of post office from 1861-77.
    Coopersville. A post office, 1867-75, in Polk Township.
    Cynthiann. A post office, 1850-1852, Polk Township.
    Dahlonega. This was an important town in the early days with 300 inhabitants at one time and aspired
    to be the county seat, Post office, 1844-1907, in Dahlonega Township.
    Defiance. Located in Richland Township according to the 1843 survey.
    Des Moines City. Listed as being a post office in Wapello County from 1851-53 but maps of that period
    show the place to have been in Mahaska County about one mile west of the northwest corner of Wapello
    Fairplay. Keokuk Township.
    Fountain Spring. A post office 1849-53 formerly called Columbia.
    Godfrey. A post office 1872-1874 Richland Township at or near the late place called Keb.
    Green. A post office, 1851-59 in Green Township.
    Happy Hollow, Post office 1870-77m same location as later Shock's Station
    Keb. Post office, 1891-1905, Richland Township.
    Louisville, The name given Ottumwa when it was laid out in 1844.
    Marion. Columbia Township on the Des Moines River.*
    Marysville. A village in Cempetine Township.
    Mechanicsburg. On north bank of Des Moines river in Columbia Township.*
    Midlothian. Columbia Township on north side of Des Moines River.
    Munterville. Post office, 1870-1905, in Polk Township.
    Nanisee. Listed as post office in 1854 and 1855 but location not found.
    Opposition. Columbia Township on the north side of the Des Moines River.*
    Orphanville. Post office 1869-1903, Green Township.
    Palestine. A place near the center of Center Township on the north side of the Des Moines river about
    four miles southeast of Eddyville as appears on maps of 1857.
    Phillips. The former name of Rutledge, a station of the Milwaukee Railway, north of Ottumwa.
    Pickwick. The name by which South Ottumwa was known during its first years
    Pleasant Land. A post office in 1854-55 at or near location of Bladensburg.
    Point Isabel. A village in Green Township, post office 1851-68.
    Port Richmond. Sometimes appears on maps as Richmond, Post office from 1858-75.
    Richmond. See Port Richmond.
    Sac and Fox Agency. Post office 1844-49 at the place which became Agency.
    Sailorville. 1843 survey located it in Richland Township.
    Shock's Station. A.C.B. and Q Railway station, Cass County, south bank if Des Moines River.
    Sickles. Wabash Railway station south of Ottumwa.
    Tunis. Post office about two miles north of Agency.
    Village. A post office, 1847-50, on south side of Des Moines River.
    Willard. A.C.M. and St. P. Railway station in Polk Township, Post office, 1890-1906.
    Williamsburg. Name of village which became Eldon, post office was Williamburg from 186801871.
    Yampa. Post office, 1899-1900, in Pleasant Township.

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    Re: Abandoned Towns of Wapello County

    Wow, I got to check here more. I didn't know Gypsy posted all this awesome info. Thanks girl. Hope you know I was just kidding about the gun thing.



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