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    Feb 2007
    SE Kansas
    Explorer SE PRO, XLT, Teknetics Omega
    3 times

    roll call

    Just wondering where everyone is from? Ive been hunting for about 18 years and maybe interested in getting with some of my fellow Kansans for a hunt or two. Im from Crawford County/ Pittsburg. Lots of good stuff here just not a lot of really old stuff.

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    Dec 2006
    52 times
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    Re: roll call

    I live in the Wichita area, just started detecting.

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    Jun 2005
    N.E. Kansas
    12 times

    Re: roll call

    I am in the City of Shawnee, just south of K.C.
    " They wanted to give me a medal, but I had already found one."

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    Oct 2005
    middle america
    2 times

    Re: roll call

    I'm a few miles west of Wichita in a town that didn't really grow until the mid 1880's. My buddy relikhunter lives in southeast kansas also, and digs lots of good stuff. I don't think people in these farming communities had a lot to lose. HH, Eric
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    Mike B.

    Re: roll call

    I live in Dodge City.

    Plenty of places to hunt here.

    Fort Dodge is just down the road 5 miles. Although hunting on the old soldiers fort is forbidden, there is a corn field just east of the fort that I have secured permission to hunt. It was the area in which the army practiced shooting, marching and various other activities. Over the years relics are getting harder to find. Those left are being hit by the plow and other impliments. Have found literally 100's of old shell casings and a couple of old steel buttons from the uniforms worn in the 1860's.

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    Mar 2005
    Missouri/ Kansas
    Explorer SE/ Explorer XS/ White's Eagle II sl

    Re: roll call

    I live in Overland Park. Just south of Kansas City

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    Dec 2005
    whites xlt & tesoro tejon whites spectra v3
    16 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: roll call

    I am way out here by Hays. I have been hunting for almost 25 years. I have had the pleasure of hunting for coins as well as relics, and even tho things are getting harder and harder to find, I still manage to do ok. Have been on many of the Butterfield Overland Despatch stations along the Smoky Hill trail as well as hunting a 7th cavalry camp that took me years of research to track down. But like you always hear, the research pays off.
    So many places to hunt and so little time...........

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    Looking for that ONE find.

    Nov 2005
    South Central Kansas
    88 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: roll call

    I live in Caldwell south of Wichita. Hunt the Chisholm trail. Been hunting off and on since the 70's.

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    Mar 2007

    Re: roll call

    I live in Kansas City and am new to all of this. I would like any tips or tricks that anyone could pass onto me. Thanks

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    Jul 2006
    S.E. kansas
    whites dfx garrett gtp 1350
    1 times

    Re: roll call

    Hey rebellt i'm next door to ya in allen co.Been hunting for about 4 yrs. now and love it .Used to hang out at twister's in pittsburg........rh

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    Jul 2006
    Tracker IV

    Re: roll call

    I'm in Lyons. I've been detecting since the '60's. I use a Tracker IV bounty hunter which I wish I had when I first started detecting. It is the first detector that I can say has paid for itself. The oldest coin I've found is an 1874 Indian head. I like finding tokens best. They are all cool to find but one I treasure the most is a watch fob from the Lyons Central Flour Mill which would date to the early 1900's. The ball diamond is the best place to hunt here in Lyons. I've also hunted the State Fair Grounds in Hutchinson and I find wheaties there every time.

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    Aug 2006
    Middle of Kansas
    212 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: roll call

    I'm about 12 mi NW of Mcpherson. I've been detecting on our farm for about 3 years. I got my son a detector about 6 years ago, he's moved on to girls and cars

    Lots of iron, a few bottles, a few artifacts

    I'm surprised to see so many folks here in KS.

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    Apr 2007

    Re: roll call

    I lived in Pittsburg, moved joplin,mo two years ago. All my family live in Pittsburg.
    Just started md going to a fram houses were a tornado took them out, hope I have some good finds


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    May 2007
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: roll call

    Topeka here

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    Feb 2006
    Kansas City, Kansas
    Garrett GTI 2500, Garrett GTA 500, Tesoro Tiger Shark, Tesoro Vaquero, Fisher CZ3D, Minelab Explorer SE, White DFX
    1 times

    Re: roll call

    I live in Kansas City, KS and hunt in both Kansas and Missouri. I like to own and experiment with many different detectors -- and have to admit I'm addicted to this wonderful hobby.


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