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    Jan 2011

    KGC Activity in Richmond, Texas

    I am moving to Richmond soon and have found some interesting facts. There is a Confederate Civil War museum there as well as a cemetery that has a few Confederate soldiers. The cemetery was run by the local Masonic Lodge from 1897 to 1943. The Brazos River is near the city also. It was one of the original 19 cities of the Republic of Texas.

    Does anyone have any ideas where to start to look for any KGC connections.... I know it may be a long shot but you never know.

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    Jun 2007
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    Re: KGC Activity in Richmond, Texas

    Texas was LOADED with KGC; Texas Jay would be "da Man"! KGC had ex-CSA, Out-Laws, Confederados (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confederados), etc! Good Luck & HH! Coffee?

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    Feb 2008
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    Re: KGC Activity in Richmond, Texas

    "da Man" ? ? ? TJ don't like JiveTalk.

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    Oct 2010
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    Re: KGC Activity in Richmond, Texas

    Ck out Hillsboro, Texas....there is a cool Confederate Museum there. I remember seeing a Conf. Flag with a Glove sewed in the middle and the hand(glove) was a fist with first finger pointing.

    Also "Hillsboro"......could mean "Hills to gold"

    In Dallas, Tx there is a Confederate Cemetery in the heart of Dallas, Tx..........



    -Allen, John W.
    Co. L, 15th Alabama Infantry / Pike County

    -Allison, Thomas R.
    Born: 1847, Gurnett Co, 16th Georgia Cavalry
    Died: 1920
    Enlisted as a volunteer Feb. 10th
    Became 2nd Sgt
    10.26.1864 was captured at battle of Morristown, TN
    Released from Camp Douglas, Chicago Illinois under oath
    of allegience.
    Moved to Tx in 1876
    Became a broom maker.

    -Apple, G. W.
    Co. A, 28th Tennessee Infantry

    -Atkins, J.A.


    -Baugh, R.D.


    -Connelly, Pat
    Co. E, 1st Louisiana Infantry


    -Davidson, G.W.

    -Dawson, J. W.

    -Deen, J.J.
    Co. B, 17th Alabama Infantry


    -Elkins, J.W.
    Corporal/Lt - Caddo rifles, Ark Co. C

    -Evans, John W.
    Sgt Co. G, 61st Georgia Infantry

    -Evans, Walter


    -Fogle, J.W.
    Hardemans Cavalry

    -Freeman, W.W.
    Co. F, 1st Mississippi Cavalry
    Darden Rangers / Noxubee Troopers


    -Greer, John


    -Harrell, William Harmon
    Born: 1847 in Warner Co., Georgia
    Died: 3.3.1930
    Moved to Texas in 1858
    Enlisted 1.16.1862 as a Private
    Served in Co. F, 14th Texas Infantry, age 15
    Discharged in May, 1865 in Hempstead, Tx
    Some time after recieved parole from "some Federal Officer
    who was located at Marshall, Tx"

    -Harris, E. S.
    Clarks Battalion
    Died Oct 1 1906
    aged 77 years
    -Harris, Guy T.
    1868 - 1946
    A loyal Confederate son

    -Harris, Lizzie

    -Higdon, J. G.

    -Higdon, Thomas

    -Hill, Joshua L.

    -Hill, Roland
    3rd Virginia Cavalry (Mumford), W.H. Fitzhugh Lee, Cavalry

    -Hughes, H.C., 1st Sgt.
    Co. A, 2nd Arkansas Infantry


    -Ingram, Joseph T.
    Co. D, 1st Mississippi Infantry
    Desoto Greys (raised in DeSoto County, MS)
    July/August 1864 left sick at Meridian, MS guarding baggage.
    Absent without leave 12.25.1864. NFI. Captured 7.9.1863 at
    Port Hudson, Louisiana and paroled. Captured at Ft.
    Donelson, Tennessee on 2.16.1862 and exchanged. Also listed
    as Ingraham.


    -James, K.P.


    -Klutts, G.B.
    Tom Green's Brigade


    -Lee, J.C.

    -Lee, Jerry w
    Born: 3.20.1841
    Died: not listed
    Moved to Texas in 1859
    2.7.1862 Enlisted as a Private
    with a horse worth $70 and arms valued at $20
    in the 36th Texas Cavalry, Co.K
    in San Antonio by S. M. Holmes and Lt. Machlin
    Commanded by Col. Peter Cavanaugh Woods.
    In 1862 Lee detached as horse guard in 12.1862.
    In 2.1864 he is listed as detached in pursuit
    of deserters.
    " After marching and countermarching the Texas coast for
    several months in response to invasion of arms, 157 of
    Colonel Woods' troopers deserte o nthe night of February
    1, 1864. Granted thirty days leave, Woods followed his
    deserters, such as Daniel Roberts, to their homes and
    returned with them to his camp."
    After the war Lee lived in Driftwood, Texas where he
    became a farmer and applied for a Confederate Pension, #14265.


    -Malone, C.F.

    -McCulley, William Calvin
    (Fayette County Tenn. Confed Pension applications # W1234
    b-Oct. 16, 1846
    d-Jen 25, 1926
    -Served with Gen. Forrest's Cavalry
    William was elected commander of the Sterling Price Camp
    13 months before his death. He served as lieutenant
    commander for a number of years before his election to
    commander. Members of the United Daughters of the
    Confederacy condunted a special song service. Sons of
    Confederate Veterans were active pallbearers and
    Confederate veterans as honorary pallbearers.
    -McCulley, Mary Elizabeth
    b-Jul. 27, 1851
    d-Feb 1, 1933
    Mrs. McCulley was a resident of Dallas for 27 years before
    her death. In 1933 she was the oldest Gold Star mother to
    visit France as a guest of the United States government.
    She visited the grave of her adopted son, George T. McCulley,
    killed in action in World War 1 with the 117th Supply Train,
    Rainbow Division. She was survivied by her son, Duke McCulley.

    -McDully, Don
    -Means, B. H., 2nd Lt
    B-about 1834
    D-not listed
    Means moved to Dallas in 1888. He enlisted in CO. K, 12th
    Louisiana Infantry, afterwads in the 12th Louisiana Cavalry
    and served until the end of the war. His pension was signed
    by T.E. Crow and G.D. Brantly as witnesses that he served
    in the Confederate Army.

    -McNully, W.A.

    -Mims, J.D.

    -Moore, S.A.

    -Morris, F.M.
    25th Mississippi Cavalry


    -Plum, Cy
    3rd Richmond Howitzers

    -Poindexter, S
    Co. C, 2nd Virginia Cav

    -Pulliam, T.N.


    -Rains, Thomas Roe
    Born: 1846, in Greenville, Tx
    Died: 2.4.1939
    He enlisted in 1862 abd served until the close of the war,
    serviing in Co. A Heavy Artillery, B.F. Neil Capt, Hobby's Battalion
    Rains was a carpenter by trade and his pension application was
    signed by George Stephenson and W.S. McGregor.

    -Reedy, J.H.
    Co. F, 4th Alabama Cavalry

    -Rice, J.A.
    Born 1846 Jefferson Co, Tenn
    Died 6.2.1931
    Served as a private in Co. I,
    31st Tennessee Infantry
    and the 2nd Tennessee Cavalry
    Paroled from Ft. Delaware

    -Rickerson, William J.
    2nd Co. C 1st Georgia Infantry
    This regiment was organized 5.31.1861
    A total o f1700 men were enrolled. It
    spent most of the war in the Charleston
    area. It was called out in the winter of
    1864 in advance of Sherman's Carolina
    campaign and surrendered at Goldsboro, NC.

    -Rogers, Rev N.A.
    Terrells Reg

    -Royal, J.B.
    Co. E, 3rd Georgia Infantry


    -Sims, William E
    b-1843, Chesterfield county, Va.
    d-June 7th, 1927
    He enlisted February 26, 1864 as a private
    25th Battalion, Virginia Infantry, Co. F. He was captured
    at Farmville April 5, 1865, sent to Lookout, MD,
    and released at that place on Oath of Allegiance,
    June 20, 1865. William moved to Dallas, Texas in
    1866 and became a newsdealer. He resided at
    2400 1/2 Elm St.


    -Winslett, T.M.

    -Wood, Drew B.

    -Wood, E.P.

    -Work, William A.
    Co. A, 16th Tennessee Battery

    -Wynn, Joseph B.
    Private, Co A, 14th Mississippi Infantry

    -Wrickerson, W. J.
    Co. ?
    1st Georgia Infantry

    There is a monument inside the grounds of the cemetery with many more
    names of Confederate soldiers.
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    Feb 2006
    Brownwood, Texas
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    Re: KGC Activity in Richmond, Texas

    I'll make a few suggestions that we've used successfully to track the KGC's members and activities in some small Texas towns that may help you.
    1) Learn as much as you can about the local Masonic Lodges and it's members from about 1860-1916. Write down all the names of local Masons from that time period as you can find. (Also check other fraternal organizations like the Knights Pythias and the International Order of Odd Fellows)
    2) Research all the prominent businessmen from your town during this same period and write down their names too.
    3) Run every potential name, from your lists, through the following search engine. First, run each name under "Confederate" since most (not all) Knights were ex-Confederates or from families of former Confederate soldiers or other Southerners who were either too young or too old to be in the military but supported the South.
    4) When you find men who turn up in all 3 of the above categories, then you are ready to start working in earnest and finding out all you can about these individuals. Find out where they lived, worked and are buried. If your research enables you to reasonably conclude that the KGC had a castle in your town or county or a nearby town or county, then the fun begins. It's then time to get out in the field and find whatever prospective treasure signs you can. Question old-timers who've lived in the area for a very long time about what they know about the men on your lists and about any unusual signs or carvings that they may be familiar with.
    ~Texas Jay
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    Jan 2011

    Re: KGC Activity in Richmond, Texas

    Thanks for all the sound advice. Will be in touch.



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