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    Sep 2013
    iowa formerly from the south
    39 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    questions regarding current claim operations

    Currently going to school for geology and mineral assy/exploration. And i had some questions regarding kokoweef.
    1.was wondering if there were any photos of the possible original entrance floating around.
    2. Was any gpr done near the entrance to see if it was possible to cross cut into the supposed blasted entrance safely done.
    3. With regards to current drill depth/borehole depth what is it?
    4.Is there any interest in letting someone with a borehole gpr up there to map whats deeper then the current gpr readings or has this even been done?
    5. Has there been any extensive mining done in the vicinity of the current operations? IE rock cutting(blast hole mining)
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    Sep 2013
    iowa formerly from the south
    39 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Two more questions.
    Is there anyway to get the current gpr readouts?
    And has there been anythought to trying microgravity surveying of the area if it hasn't been done before?
    also ill throw it out there now, could care less about the monetary value of whats in there. More interested in the supposed caverns and such as a expanse that dorr described would be a huge find in and of itself. Esp to someone who has to write a research paper in the next year and a half lol
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