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Thread: Anyone familiar with the Kokoweef Peak story?

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    Mar 2003
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    Re: Anyone familiar with the Kokoweef Peak story?

    What's happening?
    Are you still interested in going out?
    I'll be over that way, Kokoweef, in June!
    Care to meet up ?
    CptBil & Bugs

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    Sep 2011
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    Re: Anyone familiar with the Kokoweef Peak story?

    Quote Originally Posted by cocoweepah
    RE: "is there a current web site for explorations inc,reading the last two post makes me wounder how anyone could supposidly sit on top of the cavern for 30 years and still not be able to find it."

    Has anyone thought of why the ancient city of TROY was lost for centuries ... and it was on the surface! Earl 'Dorr's' so-called "entry" was allegedly small and, later, was intentionally hidden. (i.e. easy to hide then / hard to find nearly 80 years later) The "game of whisper" and intentional disinformation and misinterpretations has done the rest to obscure the "missing information."

    25 Years of researching, volunteering and living at Kokoweef Peak has taught me a lot about the legend.

    So, all you Kokoweef geniuses, do you REALLY believe that good old Earl P. Dorr (a practical miner) would give ANYone the complete and correct information regarding an entry location if:

    1. ... the entry was involved with someone else's property, which he couldn't file a "clear 'n clean" mining claim on for legal title?
    2. ... he'd set himself up for manslaughter or murder charges if he blasted and left skeletons inside "the only known entrance?"
    3. ... he'd maybe implicate other relatives if they had knowledge of blasted and left-behind skeletons inside an "only known entrance?"
    4. ... he'd give away $150 billion in gold if his 'free' information enabled others to leave him "in the cold without the gold?"
    5. ... The National Park Service's position, even in the 40's, was to PREVENT "monument quality caverns" from falling into private ownership
    6. ... World War II SHUT down ALL gold-only mines in America? (Would Earl have left his entry wide open for anyone in the meantime?)

    This legend has everything to do with the psychology of imaginations, motivations and deceptions.

    There is a BIG difference between BELIEVING in something and KNOWING something.

    The Directors and investors in Explorations Inc. of have been sincere in their efforts at Kokoweef Peak.
    At worst, they might be accused of inefficiency, but that is often a limiting nature within volunteering efforts and certainly not criminal.
    Suckers are --deleted-- of "something" informationally and most of that can be traced back to Earl Dorr's motivations and deceptions, which were let out into the world of observers to suit his purposes and NOT leave himself disadvantaged.

    In my opinion Earl survived to become the "great old gent" his nephew Ray experienced. He was a hot-tempered, young cowboy who escaped history to view and live through World War I, The Great Depression, WW II and the advent of the Atomic Age. People may judge him unkindly, based on unproved 'dasturdly deeds,' but I wasn't there with him. And, eventually, I realized that, as it is for everyone:
    "Written descriptions by sideline observers are not living experiences."

    Was the claim sold to Mayan Gold Inc.? I grew up in Vegas going to church with two of the current major shareholders in the Kokoweef claim, haven't talked to them in years though. I had heard a rumor and read something online a while back that Utah based Mayan Gold, Inc. was interested in purchasing the claim. This is interesting since I am well aware of their successful ventures in Honduras and elsewhere... just curious what's new with Kokoweef. Being a Vegas desert rat, this legend has always fascinated me.
    Relocating to Florida in October 2011. Looking to join a salvage crew either in the Keys or along the Treasure Coast.

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    sounds like you dealt with her in a very diplomatic and polite way! I especially like the offer of 50 bucks!

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    any recent developments on this ?
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    Nothing really. The same old thing just keeps chugging along.

    If you want updates, I recommend contacting one of these guys:


    .....or you can PM LVBOB. He is one of the Kokoweef Guys.

    "You wouldn't like me when I'm mad, because I back up my rage with hard facts and logic!" - The Credible Hulk

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    Nov 2004
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    Gracias my friend.
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    Interesting tales... reminds me of that giant cave in Vietnam large enough to fly a 747 through.

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    Nov 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryano View Post
    Interesting tales... reminds me of that giant cave in Vietnam large enough to fly a 747 through.
    Hola amigo beautiful pictures. For Kokoweef I cannot understand after all these years they are no closer than when they started?



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