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    The Ultimate Long Range Locator

    Sam Lobo Wolfe didn't know it all, but he has some good advice. He says some people ask God to help them find treasure, "but He is not their master." "...Did you ever see one of these people pray to Satan for help?" "...Don't come crying to the Lord until you have chosen Him as your master."

    That guy that thought Jesus was Satan was no dummy. Sure he didn't get it right, but there's a glimmer of truth in every falshood. Many people who claim to be holy--go to services each Sunday or even some who attend most days--that doesn't make you a holy person. Like the words of an old song "Hate your next door neighbor but don't forget to say grace." Satan is present in every church and Bible study group and most people don't have a clue. They think they are safe in a church, but that's totally false. That's one of the most dangerous places to be besides treasure forums!!!

    Anyone living in the security, sensation, power levels is not living a holy life. God is not your master. Your addictions are your master. Yes, no one is perfect, but many think they are.

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    Re: The Ultimate Long Range Locator

    Like Dob Dylan sang "You're gonna have to serve somebody. It might be the devil or it might be the Lord but you're gonna have to serve somebody." The atheist skeptic crowd is serving somebody and it ain't the Lord. I think the whole idea about atheists is they are afraid to admit who they are serving. Sort like the ostrich sticking its head in the sand.

    Throughout the ages the word has been "divining". That should say a lot right there. All the prophets were diviners. You don't hear about people called sataners. I see these tv shows about ancient aliens bringing knowledge to earth. I don't know who came up with that, but it's a real insult to think people of those times could not have possibly come up with the knowledge they obviously possessed. People want to believe it was all superstition, but the ancients were more aware of reality than most anyone today. We have dropped the ball. Today the idea is to destroy it, smash it, burn it in an attempt to find the nature of it. The ancients used direct perception and they weren't the only ones. Christ and even Einstein never looked into a telescope yet they knew more about nature, about the universe, than anyone else in the world. Sam Lobo Wolfe says throughout history there have been very few diviners.

    I see the skeptics and I say "they shall wail and gnash their teeth at the gates of Heaven."

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    Re: The Ultimate Long Range Locator

    Lest anyone think otherwise, I am not here to claim "holier than thou". The skeptics are the ones pulling that crap. Don't buy it for a second. It's all about their money, power, status, and on and on ad nauseum. Like Lobo says, praying to Satan isn't going to get you much except misery, sorrow, etc.

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    Re: The Ultimate Long Range Locator


    Wow. Invoking the Bible in a last-ditch effort to attain credibility?

    That takes the cake. No cigar, though.

    Big Four Proofs of LRLs Fraud
    An evil group is comprised of the insane, who, out of fear, imagine that they must conspire to destroy those who are honest and able. A good group is made up of honest people, who could each survive on their own, yet work together openly for betterment for themselves and others.

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    Re: The Ultimate Long Range Locator

    Here is my nomination for an Ultimate LRL. Proven performance. Trustworthy smile. Striking similar qualities to the devices discussed here. What could go wrong?

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    Re: The Ultimate Long Range Locator

    You cut his hands of in the picture, we can't see his hands!!!
    "Him thief him friend of him last Guinea,
         Him kill both Friar and Priest, Oh dear.
             Him cut de troat of pickaninny,
                 bloody, bloody buccaneer."

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    Re: The Ultimate Long Range Locator

    Sheesh, take the religious fanaticism to the proper forum Mike.

    You seem to be losing stability by the day.



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