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    Jan 2011

    Council rayfainder

    Anyone who owns this device must know:
    1. You should test before you start your search.
    2 If you want to be successful you need to have the type of coin you are looking for. Do not use modern coins, rings and ornaments, but only old ones. Only if you are looking for contemporary jewelery use the ring to his wife
    3 For example, if you are looking for a Roman silver coin, it should have one. Dice it to 4-5 inches in the ground and turn the appliance as directed and set frequency 8700. You need a second person to change the frequency, and you can stand with rods between the appliance and the buried target. When the rods react to memorize the frequency. And at that frequency search in this area.
    From experience I know that a silver coin with a frequency response test 8737.
    4 Whenever you change the pitch of the search take the test because of a field can give you frequency 8737 and another 8701.
    5 Once you detect target must check it with a deep metal detector / PI / for deep and big goals, or simple metal detector for individual coins.
    Keep in mind that there is a deviation, so look into - large perimeter.
    6 Before you start looking for must be well trained to work with this device.

    P.S English is not my native language.
    Good luck to all



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