Cold Weather locating
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    Cold Weather locating

    It's not considered a good idea, but I can't help myself and want to practice all the time. Of course digging in frozen ground is brutal and not recommended. It is too easy to damage the target. I did some last spring with snow on the ground. Luckily the finds were on the surface under the snow.

    Most locators do not work well in the cold. Some say don't use them under 45F degrees. The targets do not resonate as well in the cold. This has been know for many years. It is said to heat up your equipment and it will work better. Never tried that. One thing I found is warm clothes can make a big difference. I got a down parka for Christmas and it really keeps me comfortable. One of those -20F ones weighs about as much as a heavy sleeping bag and about as big as one. I don't know, maybe it all the down that has some soothing effect, but it really helps keep me relaxed.
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