Top Iran General Peddles LRL Device for Detecting COVID-19
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Thread: Top Iran General Peddles LRL Device for Detecting COVID-19

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    Top Iran General Peddles LRL Device for Detecting COVID-19

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    "Is that a Geiger Counter?"

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    Works as well for that as it would for gold. Same principle.

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    That's how they get rid of people they don't like. LOL

    Actually it might work with an experienced operator which are very few and vary far in between. But since almost everyone has already been exposed and show no symptoms there's really not much use for it. Next virus they just need to keep the high risk group isolated from the public instead of keeping everyone locked up like prisoners.
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    I thought it was interesing that the Iranians claimed the device had an 80% accuracy rate. There was a story I read somewhere about one of the first guys who invented these LRL devices and the U.S. military got interested. It was also shown to have an 80% accuracy rate, which didn't meet the Army's standards.



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