The Hodges Interview
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Thread: The Hodges Interview

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    The Hodges Interview

    Jeff of PA was kind enough to post under another thread a link to this newspaper article. I'd been looking for it and hadn't been able to locate it. It is of interest because it is listed in the Dobie references to the LAD. I don't think it adds much to the saga - but that is for the reader to decide.

    Here is the LAD portion. A transcription of the entire article may be found here on TN under Jeff's original post.

    Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver by J. Frank Dobie (1928) - Appendix I . “Where I Dug for Adams Gold:”

    Washington (D.C.) Star, Sept. 23, 1899; Interview from Frederick W. Hodge on buried treasure and lost mines of the West.



    Great Fortunes That Lie Hidden in the Far Southwest.


    Would Enrich the Finder Beyond the Dreams of Avarice.


    Written for The Evening Star.

    Here are some unpublished clues to buried treasure which may lead you to wealth and influence if you follow them industriously. They are brought back fresh from the desert regions of the far southwest by Mr. F.W. Hodge of the bureau of ethnology, who this week returned from a two months’ tour, for purposes of study, in the entire Pueblo region, which alone, traveling entirely overland, he covered 650 miles.

    “While in the southwest I heard many enticing clues to buried treasure, open to any one who can find the hidden key,” the ethnologist said...

    Raided by Indians.

    “Another clue to buried treasure which I heard in the southwest is the following: A dozen or more years ago an American named Adams came hurrying from the Navajo country into the mining town of Gallup, on the Santa Fe Pacific rod, in western New Mexico, literally weighed down with huge nuggets of pure gold. The people in the locality at once became wild with excitement. Adams told how he with several companions had discovered a rich mine in the Navajo reservation and how they were just gathering from the surface such huge nuggets as he carried with him when they were all raided by a hostile band of the Indians. While fleeing for their lives all were butchered except himself.

    “A large party was at once organized with sufficient strength to recover the mine, but Adams, who held the key to the situation, succumbing to the excitement of his terrible ordeal and narrow escape, meanwhile went raving mad and had to be confined to an insane asylum, in which he soon afterward died. The party, however, attempted the recovery of the gold, but soon returned unsuccessful. Up to a few years ago there were made similar efforts, all equally futile. Such constant intrusion upon the Navajo reservation became so much of an annoyance to these Indians as to necessitate the dispatching of a military expedition from Fort Wingate for the purpose of making a reconnaissance of the lost mine and, if possible, of determining the value of its deposit. With the aid of the Navajos themselves this party came upon gold in the Carriso [sic] mountains, in the northern part of the reservation, and this was believed to be the lost Adams mine. But the gold in sight occurred only in small quantities, and it was decided that it would not pay to mine it. In and about Gallup there are still many men, witnesses of the arrival of Adams, among whom there is serious doubt as to whether that found by the army expedition is the mine which, before the collapse of his mind, he described in such glowing terms.”


    The Evening Star, Washington, D.C. - September 23, 1899


    Good luck to all,

    The Old Bookaroo
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